photo : brittany bekas associate nicole

Most days you can find me working in yoga pants with a smile on my face and my mini goldendoodle, Clifton, in my lap. I am a storyteller, fashion lover, dreamer and a travel junkie. I love eating grilled cheese and tomato soup, exploring new countries and binging on HGTV. Life is an endless adventure, and I believe you should do what makes your soul shine.

I ditched my advertising career to follow my heart and document love stories. I realize I have the best job in the world. I photograph love and life and in the process gain beautiful friendships when my clients become friends.

I am inspired by beauty in simplicity and honest love. My photography is carefree, romantic, and authentic. My goal is to make it light and fun, so I can capture the in between moments that naturally unfold.

So, let’s become friends and create something amazing together.

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