1. TIGER EYE PENDANT // Whenever we travel, I always try to bring back at least one piece of jewelry to remember our trip. I snagged a tiger eye pendant (their national stone) when we were in South Africa, and it has been my favorite piece of jewelry. It is perfect for laying or wearing on its own.

2. OLIVE CROCHET FRINGE VEST // I have been trying not to shop much, but when I saw this olive crochet fringe vest, I knew it would have a permanent home in my closet. My current favs – fringe, olive, and crochet all in one clothing item. :)

3. INSTAGRAM // My FAVORITE social media outlet there is …. yes, is instagram. As a creative and a curator, the pretty square boxes fill me with so much happiness and inspiration. It is my go-to app on my iPhone when I have a moment of time to kill (yes, including commercial breaks between Modern Family.)

4. MODERN FAMILY // If you are not watching this show … you are missing out. I laugh out loud through the whole 30 minutes, and I still cannot pick my favorite character because I love them all. (But maybe Phil? or Cam? … )

5. CLIFTON // I feel like this is an obvious one, but ever since I saw the photos of our furbaby when he arrived, I have been completely in love with him. While it is non-stop chasing him around and cleaning up after him, the puppy kisses, the morning snuggles, and his excitement when I walk in the door, makes my heart flutter.

Is there something you are loving this month? Leave it in the comments below so I can check it out.

IMAGE CREDITS // tiger eye via etsy // vest via nordstrom // clifton by brittany bekas photography

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obsessions - april 2015

1. PINK MAGNOLIA TREES // Swoon. These are my favorite trees to watch in the spring because of how GORGEOUS they look when they bloom. I took a little walk around the neighborhood yesterday, and the trees are budding and the flowers are starting to bloom. Yay! When I have a yard someday, it will be covered in these.

2. NUTELLA // I LOVED nutella for years. I would eat it every.single.day. to the point where I just couldn’t look at it. Since arriving in Europe, Nutella is back in my life. I’ve been snagging the little packets and eating for them breakfast and then for afternoon snacks with any pretzels / cookies I can get my hands on.

3. ZEBRAS // Yes, zebras. I’ve always liked them, but seeing them in the wild in South Africa … well it made me love them. While everyone on our safari was excited for lions and elephants, I was giddy when we spotted zebras. They are stunning and a dream to photograph.

4. KILLING FOR PROFIT // I first learned about this book from our safari guide. It is a detailed look at the horrors of killing rhinos for their horns and other poaching that happens throughout Africa. It is heartbreaking, and I haven’t been able to put it down. If you are looking for an interesting (and educational) read, this should be your next one.

5. TOMS // These little canvas shoes have been an excellent addition to my wardrobe especially when we travel. They are casual, comfy AND cute. If you don’t have a pair, get ’em.

Is there something you are loving this month? Leave it in the comments below so I can check it out.

IMAGE CREDITS // zebra + magnolia tree by brittany bekas photography // NUTELLA // TOMS via nordstrom

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OBSESSIONS // february


1. HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP // I snagged one of these at Home Goods a few weeks ago, and well, I am obsessed. In my hippie-mindset, it really has healing properties (I swear it cured my stuffy sinus when I couldn’t breathe, I swear.) And if it is just a placebo, I’m cool with that too because it is so pretty to look at. Add one to your house asap.

2. NATURE’S VALLEY GRANOLA BAR // I hadn’t eaten these in years, and I bought the huge box at Target so that I could pack them for our trip, and I was totally snacking on them days before we left. Now that we are in Abu Dhabi, it is my go-to snack. Yummy!

3. OLIVE GREEN // When I decide I like something, I can go overboard. Like when I needed safari clothing for my upcoming trip to South Africa, I suddenly ended up with a head-to-toe olive green jumpsuit (olive pants, jacket, tank, oh and that fall in line Essie nail polish) because, I cannot stop buying the olive green option.

4. BEANIES // I am actually surprised this little gem didn’t make a previous post because I have been wearing it non-stop since I bought it back in November. It is the perfect hat for Chicago winters, terrible hair days and long airplane rides. Yes, it even made the cut for my minimalist bag for our trip.

5. LOVE IT OR LIST IT, TOO // I seriously LOVE design shows. HGTV is my jam. For real. And while, I really only watch the show for the make-over, I still cannot stop tuning in. Plus Jillian is the cutest!

What cannot you not get enough of this month? Let me know so I can check it out.


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OBSESSIONS // january

Brittany Bekas Photography // Obsessions January

1. ESSIE NAIL POLISH in FALL IN LINE // This is the latest addition to my ESSIE collection, and I cannot stop wearing it. It is my winter Turquoise and Caicos. And BTW, have you seen this amazing color collection? Yes, I might need to add a few to my collection.

2. GREEN TEA  // I’ve never acquired a taste for coffee, but you can always find me drinking tea … especially green tea. My mom tucked a box of Bigelow tea in my stocking for Christmas, and I just loved the variety pack. My new favorite is green tea with mango.

3. GIVING KEY NECKLACE // The Giving Keys is a company that employs people transitioning out of homelessness in Los Angeles to make key necklaces and other jewelry out of repurposed keys. All the keys have a message on them, and I cannot stop wearing my CREATE one, a gift from my mom, every time I need inspiration. If you are looking for a great gift idea, this is it. Seriously.

4. SOUTH AFRICA // In just 3 weeks, Phil and I will be landing in Cape Town, South Africa for 3 weeks of beaching, safaris, wine tasting, and exploring. I have been stalking blogs and reading all the guidebooks about this gorgeous country. I cannot wait to finally see all the places on my list and to start my South Africa photo collection. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see all the behind the scenes.

5. TRADER JOE’S DARK CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER SALTED CARMEL TRUFFLES : Yes, all of these things are in ONE truffle. Does this even need an explanation as to why I LOVE them. Hello, heaven in a gold wrapper.


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OBSESSIONS // december


1. REBECCA MINKOFF MAB TOTE // I treated myself to this beauty after hitting one of my business milestones, and I am totally smitten with it. It was supposed to be a “business meeting” bag, but I have been toting it everywhere with me (don’t tell my accountant).

2. NATE BERKUS GOLD SHEARS // My bestie, Christine (of Christine Janda Design and Events) got me these fabulous scissors for my golden birthday, and well besides being super pretty to look at, they have made packaging up my clients’ books and all my holiday gifts super easy. Love them.

3. DENIM BUTTON DOWN WITH LEGGINGS // I know everyone was rocking this look last year, but I just never felt like it was my style. But with the right boots, jewelry and beanie, I feel like I am ready for Wicker Park. My new go-to “creative” look – as Phil likes to call it.

4. FRESH LOBSTER // It is lobster season in Grand Cayman … meaning if you can catch ’em, you can eat ’em. So when my lobster hunting boyfriend brought home some huge lobsters, we had an amazing dinner. Yeap, he is a keeper (not just for this reason of course!)

5. UNBROKEN // If you haven’t picked up this book, you should  especially before seeing the movie that is now in theaters. You will be in disbelief to think that one man could endure everything he did …. such an inspiring book. And face it, the book is ALWAYS better than the movie (Sorry, Angelina…. I’m sure the movie is great too.)


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OBSESSIONS // november


1. W MAGAZINE // I’m not really sure why I haven’t been reading this magazine all these years (fashionista fail here), but now that I have the subscription, I cannot live without this one. I kind of love the unique size of it. And the photo spreads … well they make my heart pitter-patter.

2. NYX PORE FILLER : I’m pretty sure whatever is in this is magic. A little dab of this goes a long way.

3. HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER // If you haven’t tuned in to this crime show yet (yes … of course it is a crime show, you know I love them), then you are seriously missing out. I cannot even wait for my DVR to record the whole thing before I am pressing play.

4. CUBA //  I have been doing some serious stalking on all things Cuba lately. The photos time travel you back to the ‘50s … and I am lusting over the culture, the beaches and the history. #travelbucketlist

5. VITAMIN GUMMIES // I know I am late to the party on this one, but seriously these things ROCK MY SOCKS. I don’t think I have ever taken vitamins this many days in a row.

Anything you cannot get enough of? Let me know in the comments.

IMAGE CREDITS  // w magazine // cuba // vitamins

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OBSESSIONS // september


1. BEACHY WAVES // For most of my life, I adored my stick straight hair. Now, all I want is beachy waves. My new go-to look.

2. OPI CUTICLE OIL  // I used to cut my cuticles …. all-the-time. But now I keep this little bottle on my desk and I apply daily. Elle Wood’s manicurist would be proud, just saying.

3. BLUEBERRIES // I am trying to eat more “clean” foods and lately, and blueberries are my current fav. Perfect for snacking or to toss in yogurt for an easy (healthy) breakfast.

4. BOOTIES // Boot season is quickly approaching, and while I should be soaking up the last few warm Chicago days and wear my sandals, I have already been wearing these booties from Nordstrom every day.

5. YOU’RE THE WORST // If you haven’t tuned into this FX show, give it a shot. It is pretty funny … and who doesn’t love a guy with a British accent.

Anything you cannot get enough of? Let me know in the comments.

IMAGE CREDITS  // beachy waves // OPI // booties via nordstrom  // you’re the worst via TV Rage

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OBSESSIONS // july + august


1. AGATE … anything // I’m swooning over these agate coasters from West Elm … like hard. Other agate purchases are heading my way this month, and I cannot wait.

2. GOLD SPRAY PAINT // Thank you, Pinterest. I have developed a problem, and it is gold spray paint. I literally look for things that I can spray paint … all day long. My grandma, Ro, would be SO proud (I swear she almost spray painted her car…)

3. FRINGE // Peace, love and flower power. I am in l-o-v-e with all things boho / hippie. I blame it on the artist and free-spirit in the creative, but I cannot pass up anything with fringe on it. My credit card hates it.

4. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER // While this amazing show has finally ended (and I have mixed feelings on the whole ending), I cannot stop watching the reruns every single day. I mean, it is LEGEN – (wait for it) – DARY … legendary!

5. COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM // Just as the summer is winding down, I am binging on Edy’s slow churned cookie dough. 1/2 the fat means I eat twice as much. :)

Anything you cannot get enough of? Let me know in the comments.

IMAGE CREDITS  // agate coasters  // free people fringe dress // edy’s cookie dough

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obsessions // june

Summer has finally arrived, and I am as excited as a school girl on the last day of class. Here are some of my summer finds and loves for the month of June.

1. CACTI // I went to Home Depot for THREE cacti …. I ended up with SEVEN! Eek… they were just too cute / cool / amazing to leave them behind. So now my apartment is a mini cacti desert. Here’s to hoping I can keep them alive.

2. NYX INDIE FLICK // This orange lipstick is so fun! I picked it up for a wedding, and now I rock it almost daily. For someone who only wore nudes, this is such a big (wild) change for my lips.

3. HIGH WAISTED SHORTS // I have converted, and I love them for Chicago afternoons, hitting the town or just lounging at the pool. I may snag a few more pairs before summer’s end.

4. SAFETY SUIT – NEVER STOP // Thank you Pandora, for another new favorite artist / song. I’m not going to lie … I have been listening to this on repeat and counting down the days until Phil is back in Chicago. It is so sweet … and would make a great first dance song for all my brides-to-be.

5. BLACK BOX // If you aren’t watching this new show on ABC … start. Anything that combines drama, the human brain and hot doctor(s) is a winner in my book.

Can’t get enough of X, Y, Z? Let me know so I can check it out.

IMAGE CREDITS  // 2. nyx indie click via allure.com  // 3. high-waisted shorts  // 5. black box via abc.com

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I’m not sure what happened in March and April because I totally forgot about my obsessions posts. It makes me pretty sad because I love looking back at them to see what things I couldn’t get enough of. Anyway, I missed two months, but this is back for the rest of the year. Pinky promise.

1. BLUE MOON // This one goes hand-in-hand with #4.

2. SALT + VINEGAR CHIPS // I vowed to eat less “junk” when I got home, but I can’t fight my cravings for these delicious chips.

3. LEOPARD PRINT SUNNIES // You may have seen these on my Instagram feed a few months ago when I picked them up in Vietnam. But I love them … so much … that I put Phil on the hunt to get me a couple more pairs while he is still in Asia.

4. BLACKHAWKS PLAYOFFS // Do I really need to explain this one? Let’s go HAWKS. #stanleycup2014 #letsdoitagain

5. TRISTAN PRETTYMAN// I discovered this amazing artists a few weeks ago on my Pandora stream, and now I CANNOT stop listening to her. If you like Colbie Caillat … I promise you will love Tristan. Plus anyone who makes a music video with a white tiger is amazing in my book.

What can’t you resist this month? Leave me a comment below.

IMAGE CREDITS  // 2. salt + vinegar chips // 4. blackhawks  // 5. tristan prettyman

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OBSESSIONS // feburary


1. SOCK BUN  // With the hot, hot Thailand weather, I am rocking a sock bun just about every day (and night). I could not live without my hot bun sock bun on this trip. If you don’t have one, and you love to wear a sock bun this is a must! #soinlove

2. H2O // It is a goal for 2014 to drink more water, and I have been trying really hard. When you can buy a 1.5 liter bottle for $.50, I have been enjoying the cold calorie free drink as much as possible.

3. I AM MALALA // I’m about 70% through this book (thank you Kindle for the progress). I think every female should read this book to realize how women around the world do not have the freedom we take for granted. Amazing story about a brave little girl … add this to your list for 2014.

4. PEOPLE // It is amazing when you leave the country, how little importance TV plays in your day to day life (we only have one english channel, so I’d rather not watch TV than watch what they have been airing.) So instead, I have become totally obsessed with people watching here. During meals, walking around, hanging on the beach … I can’t stop. Think of it as inspiration for posing and creating moments … or just call me a creep. ;)

5. PAD THAI  // I had an inkling that I would be loving this authentic dish once I got to Thailand because I adore it at home. I’ve been here for X days, and I’ve managed to eat this dish X times. I’m planning on learning to make it when we head north to Chiang Mai.

Anything you are wearing too much or watching too much? Let me know what you love this month!

IMAGE CREDITS // 1. sock bun // 4. brittany bekas photography  // 5pad thai
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Brittany Bekas Photography // Obsessions // Decemeber


1. CROCKPOT FRENCH ONION SOUP // There is nothing better than the smell of this soup cooking in the crockpot all day. And its so, so easy. Here is the recipe I have been loving.

2. HAPPINESS PROJECT // A great book at improving your personal happiness and different steps on how to get there. I learned that organizing makes me happy, so I have been doing it non-stop lately.

3. BETRAYAL // A gorgeous photographer living in Chicago ends up having an affair with a corrupt lawyer. Drama, Chicago and photography. Sign me up. I also love seeing my River North neighborhood in just about every scene.

4. LEATHER LEGGINGS // It is the Italian in me, but I can’t hold back from this hot trend. I have been rocking these leggings as much as possible… and I must say I feel extra sexy when I do.

5. STU’S BLOODY MARY MIX // I have a confession. I now LOVE bloody mary’s. It was years to get me here, but after finding this delicious mix at the Randolph Street Market, I am now hooked. Want to try it?! You can order it here!

What can’t you resist this month? Leave me a comment below.

IMAGE CREDITS // 1. french onion soup // 4. leather leggings // 5. stu’s bloody mary mix

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1. ANIMAL PRINT JACKET // I found this little gem at Target … and I just had to have it. It’s the perfect fall jacket paired with jeans and boots.

2. MWF SEEKING MY BFF // If you haven’t read this book … you MUST! I was literally laughing-out-loud (LOL) throughout most of it. It is about a Chicago gal who moves here and is seeking a BFF … so she goes on 52 girl dates. READ IT!

3. PULLED PORK // A year-round favorite but such a yummy sandwich for football games and cool evenings. Plus, I finally made it for the first time this past weekend. Easy, peezy … thank you crockpot.

4. DEXTER // I have officially watched the last episode of Dexter … which I was totally hooked on. While I am slightly sad about it, I had to admit the series finale wasn’t all that great. Thoughts?

5. HOME DECOR // I can’t get enough of Ikea and anything home dec related this month. I have been to Ikea 3x … and still have a list of things I want/need.  (PS this is not my home, but I wish it was.)

What are you obsessed with lately? Leave me some ideas in the comments below.

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1. Black and White : My apartment is pretty much almost all black and white … so it is no surprise that my wardrobe and what I have been wearing lately is lots and lots of black and white including really cute chevron prints.

2. Trader Joe’s Sparking Lemonade : I have been tempted to try to make this myself with my soda stream, but I think part of what makes this drink taste so yummy is the gorgeous bottle.

3.  The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell : This book has been on my list of “must read” business books, so I finally ordered it for my iPad/Kindle … and I am fascinated about why some products become a huge trend (think TOMS) whereas other products have no buzz.

4. Randolph Street Market  : Um, this place ROCKS. Like I am so in love. It is an outdoor/indoor market in the west loop full of so many great little treasures like vintage dishes, cameras, decor, jewelry. I love the hunt for something different, so this place is my new fav … too bad it is only once a month.

5. Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis : I’m design crazed this month. My pinterest feed is full of home decor and my DVR is loaded with this show. I think Jeff has the best design aesthetic, and I would LOVE for him to design my home. Anyway we can make this happen, Bravo? ;)

What can’t you get enough of this month? Let me know.

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photo credits // [ 2 ] habbyfrenchforme.blogspot.com