Denise is the type of girl who oozes with sweetness and love for those around her. When she first met Nick, it was no surprise that she was attracted to his sense of humor and laid-back personality. Nick was in the city with his cousin, who happened to be Denise’s friend from high school. The two were complete strangers who lived nearly two hours apart. Denise was unsure about dating someone long distance, but Nick’s charm and patience won her over.

Slowly they began to talk and spend more time together…which, months later, proved to deepen their relationship. Together they embarked on the journey of being puppy-parents, and as time passed, Nick knew Denise was the only girl who would make his life complete.

I met Denise, Nick and their one-year old puppy, Yogi at Olive Park to document their love amidst the Chicago background.

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