She was all dressed up … rocking her high heels and a sassy little skirt … out to celebrate her best friend’s birthday with friends. Tracy instantly caught Jim’s eye, who was out with the same group of friends. Neither Tracy or Jim knew who the other was at first. But as they got to talking, their friend mentioned that both Tracy and Jim play hockey. As their conversation continued, they realized that they both played in the same men’s hockey league and they were actually on the same team …. they even played on the same line but they didn’t recognize each other without their gear on.

A few night later, they went on their first date and a wonderful relationship grew. I spent an afternoon on the ice with these two praying that I would not move too fast trying to capture the perfect photograph and fall flat on my face. Let me tell you, photographing on ice is not as easy as I thought. However, it was so worth the fear and anxiety  to create these photos for Tracy and Jim.

Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0012

Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0001

When I first met with Tracy and Jim and she told me the story of how they met and how she wanted their engagement photos to be at a hockey rink, I was giddy with excitement. I just LOVE it when my couples pick locations that represent them and their relationship. And this … well … it was a no-brainer for them.

Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0014

Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0013Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0019 Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0002Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0020 Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0003Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0004Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0005

Tracy and Jim wanted their new puppy, Monster, to join them for some photos after our time on the ice. This little walkway was right behind the hockey rink and made for a great background for a few outdoor photos during their session.

Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0021

Aren’t they just the cutest little family? Yes, I know ….

Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0015 Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0016 Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0009

Hello my gorgeous girl…..

Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0007Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0018Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0010

And I’ll end with this one … probably one of my favorites from our session.

Romeoville Hockey Engagement Photos_0017

Brittany XO Signature 2

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