Both were business majors at Notre Dame for over a year before they crossed paths on campus. Josh and Arianna were at r&b night, an unlikely place for both of them, when Arianna caught Josh’s gaze.  Like a true southern gentleman, Josh walked Arianna back to her dorm room that night, and he couldn’t help but think how special Arianna was. It only took Arianna a few dates, many adorable text messages and one really perfect conversation at Starbucks to realize Josh was the guy.

Months later, Josh and Arianna were right back in front of her dorm. Josh asked her to dance, and as she turned away to ditch her backpack, she found Josh on his knee asking to spend forever together.

In between graduation and starting their lives together in Texas, Arianna and Josh will marry in Galena this July. Many thanks to Becky at Oak Hill for sending this adorable couple my way! We met in Lincoln Park to document their love among the Chicago skyline.

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