Are you unsure about the idea of taking engagement photos?

Do you feel like they aren’t important? Or do they a little cheesy?

Or maybe that you don’t need them (you are going to have beautiful wedding photos after all, right?).

I get it. But hear me out.

I believe engagement sessions are pretty freakin’ important … SO much so that I include an engagement session in EVERY collection that the studio offers.

If you are on the fence about if you want or need an engagement session, here are 6 reasons why I think engagement sessions rock.

IT IS LIKE A TRIAL FOR YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS : Just like you are going to have a hair + makeup trial, you should think of your engagement session as your photo trial. You get to experience how your photographer deals with locations, lighting and posing …. so come your wedding day, you are a total pro … and you might even pick up some posing tips for all those photo opts in between.

YOU GET TO KNOW YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER : You spent a lot of time on the wedding day with your photographer, so while you are taking photos also think of it as a time to hang out with your photographer. Come the wedding day, you will be relaxed, calm and confident that your photographer is going to create a-maz-ing photos of you two because you have #beentheredonethat.

YOU GET A PEAK INTO WHAT YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS MIGHT LOOK LIKE : When you hire a wedding photographer, you aren’t sure what the final product will look like. OMG, that is scary, right? You will know what their portfolio looks like but you might not know how YOUR photos will look. When you opt for an engagement session, you will get a little peek into what photos of you two lovebirds will look like.

You can then give feedback for your wedding day to your photographer based on your engagement session — telling them you want more photos of you both looking at the camera or less kissing photos so your wedding gallery is the right mix of your favs.

IT IS A FUN PART OF THE PROCESS + A GREAT WAY TO RE-CONNECT : Planning a wedding becomes stressful …. and if your planning is anything like ours …. there was some tension in our home for parts of it. ;)

An engagement sessions lets you step away from that wedding to-do list. You get to soak up each other and be reminded of how much you adore each other. Even if your main squeeze isn’t thrilled about the session, you both will leave a little more in love and be so happy when you have the photos to gush over.

YOU WILL WANT PHOTOS OF THIS SEASON OF YOUR LIVES : You are only engaged for a short time, so having an engagement session allows you to freeze that fleeting window of time before you are officially hitched.

I truly believe that while photographs are wonderful to have now, their TRUE value will only be realized in the future.

And, it is the perfect excuse to go shopping and treat yourself to the new dress / shoes / outfit you have been lusting over.

YOU WILL HAVE PHOTOS TO USE FOR YOUR WEDDING : A lot of couples love to take engagement photos so they have professional photos to use for their save-the-dates, wedding website, guest book or to display at their wedding.

I know you have a camera roll full of adorable iPhone photos, but I promise you that letting a pro document your love will give you more Instagram photos than you can possibly share.

Whatcha think? Have I sold you on an engagement session?

If you are still unsure, let me tell you as a former bride, my engagement photos are some of my favorite photos of my husband and I because they represent such an exciting time in our lives and they include our furbaby who couldn’t be at our wedding.

If you already know you want to have engagement photos taken, I would LOVE to be the one to help check that off your list for you! Click here to fill out my contact form so we can get your session scheduled.

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