Do you remember this cutie? It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that I was meeting him for the first time for his newborn photos, and well, now he is already 3 months, and I cannot believe it! But let me tell you, this one, he is just getting cuter and cuter with each day.

When I got to Kristin and Jordan’s house for Colin’s 3-month baby photos, Kristin had picked out a ton of cute little outfits for Colin and had some really perfect hats. We laughed as we dressed up Colin in our favorite looks that one day, when he is all grown up, he will likely give us a hard time for putting him in these goofy (but oh-so-adorable) hats … but since he couldn’t really tell us that now, well, we decided we would forge ahead.

Chicago 3 Month Baby-Photos_0007 Chicago 3 Month Baby-Photos_0006 Chicago 3 Month Baby-Photos_0004 Chicago 3 Month Baby-Photos_0005 Chicago 3 Month Baby-Photos_0009

Colin had enough photos for the day and was getting pretty fussy, so I was so happy when he fell asleep, and I could snap these authentic moments of him and Kristin.

Chicago 3 Month Baby-Photos_0008

And I’ll leave you with this too-cute-for-words-face of Mr. Colin. I mean … c’mon!

Chicago 3 Month Baby-Photos_0012


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  1. Vishal Saini July 10, 2014

    Wow… What images


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