going for the gold

I have been completely infatuated with the Olympics this week. It may be because it takes place in London-town, and every time I get a peak at Big Ben or the London Eye, I am taken back to my incredible European adventure four years ago or because I am feel extra “American” by watching. Either way, all week I have been curled up on the couch cheering on Michael, Missy, and the Fab 5 to gold medals.

Midway through the women’s gynmatics finals Tuesday night, I turned to Phil and told him I used to be able to do that (ha, I wish!) He laughed in my face and told me that I can barely cannot do one pull-up…how would I be doing flips around the high bar. Thanks for the encouragement, babe. ;) But it got me to thinking, if my athletic abilities will not earn me a medal, what could I earn a medal in? Here is what I came up with.

:: The US Shop-a-thon Team (you should see me on black friday. world records, people.)

:: The US Closet Organizing Team

:: The US Talking/Gossiping Team

:: The US Grilled Cheese Eaters Team

…hey, I can’t be good at everything. :) Have a great weekend and go U.S.A!

my list of goal :: august

Every year when August arrives, I get a little very sad. I know that the end of my summer bliss is around the corner. However for once, August is bittersweet for me. My schedule for August is jam packed with weddings and portrait sessions, so even though the summer sun will be only be around for a few more weeks, I will be working my butt off! :) And this is good because I somewhat failed my July goals. Ek!


– Learn to shut down my computer one hour for bed (i.e. stop bringing work into the bedroom!) I did a pretty good job at this mostly because I finally set up my “office” in our apartment. Yes, I have officially taken over our kitchen table with my laptop and monitor. So, I keep my work in our kitchen (better than the bedroom!) until I get the big girl desk Phil said I could have.

– Launch Brittany Bekas Boudoir. I’m so excited for this to finally be up! My webmaster/brother had his tonsils removed mid-month, so I wasn’t sure if we would hit this goal, but being the hard worker he is….we did it! I can’t wait for people to check it out :: Boudoir by Brittany Bekas

– Spend two afternoon/evenings shooting things that inspire me around Chicago. I spent one day shooting. tear. I am making it a goal to put two days on my August calendar to just enjoy the pleasure of creating.

Brittany Bekas Photography | Chicago

– Read two books – one non-fiction and one fiction. I finished up the Hunger Games series (which I loved!), and I am halfway through a book about digital branding. It is a little easier to put that one down. ;)

– Create my new packaging for my clients. After hours of shopping, running errands, getting quotes, and designing my custom printed pieces, my packaging for both my portraits/weddings/events and my boudoir work are finally complete. In fact, my clients will be receiving the new packaging starting Aug. 1. I’ll be sure to post the packaging early this month.

Now on to my August goals ::

– Have two “dates” with Phil where we explore this amazing city we live in.

– Develop a Brittany Bekas Photography workflow document. Essentially a guide for each step of how I want to handle my business.

– Find 3 new places to promote my brand and my work.

– Start adding dreamy lens flen into my portrait sessions.

– Start planning Europe. Phil and I have been talking about spending 6 weeks in Europe….time to actually pull out the guidebook and make it happen.

– Make the leap into using PASS. My clients deserve the best, and they want to share their images easily. This company will make it happen!

– Develop a sample wedding album to show my clients how gorgeous the investment is. And it will be beyond stunning when I include my gorgeous Punta Cana wedding!

Here’s to the end of summer + an amazing month ahead!

friend, bridesmaid, photographer

On July 7th, one of my closest, dearest friends, Molly, married the love of her life, Mike.

It is funny. I feel like Molly has always been in my life, but I guess it wasn’t until 6th grade when we actually met and became friends. We experienced life together – jr. high dances, cheerleading competitions, first loves, dance team, college visits, breakups, University of Illinois, a broken foot, weekend trips, Chicago nightlife, late nights of talking (ok, gossiping..), dancing until 4 a.m., El Burrito trips, and so, so much more. So when Molly’s special day was finally here, I couldn’t have been happier to be right by her to be the best bridesmaid I could be.

The day and the details were absolutely perfect. Mike and Molly wed at Old St. Patrick’s Church and partied late into the evening at Eaglewood. It went by in a blink of the eye, but I am so happy that I was able to sneak in a few photos throughout the day that I hope she will look back on for years to come (because I know I will….).

Congrats again to a fabulous couple. I know that the years ahead will be full of amazing memories, and I’m lucky to have two wonderful friends in my life! I love you both!