Friday Fancie: Pumpin’ Up the Volume!

Growing up, I would wake up on Saturday mornings to the smell of perm chemicals and head into the basement to watch my mom – a professional hair-stylist. I learned so much from watching her cut, color and style hair, so whenever I need help, she is my go-to lady.

Over 20 years later, our basement is still a mini-hair salon – shampoo bowl, professional hair dyer, and tons and tons (did I mention TONS!) of hair products. So it was no surprise that when I was looking for a product to help my limp, pin-straight hair, she handed me the Osis + Dust It product.

This product is great because:

  • When you need to pump it up, this product adds lots of volume without teasing your hair (saving you from damaging your tresses)
  • The little red bottle is light weight and perfect to toss in your purse for touch-ups on-the-go.
  • A little bit goes a long, voluptuous way! A sprinkle of this magic powder and va-va-voom! The bottle will last you a long time.

So if you need a little more volume in your hair this weekend, grab a bottle and let me know what you think.


Lost In A Moment

The band jammed. Gorgeous flowers adorned the tabletops. Laughter and smiles spread throughout the room. Molly, Christine, Frankie, Rachel and I danced our hearts out as if was an ordinary girls night out.

But then I pushed my mental pause button, just for a second, and I reflected on the moment I was in.

I wasn’t thinking about the blister starting to form on my toe. Or how Molly always has the best dance moves. Or how stunning Christine looks when she smiles. Or how Frankie’s personality lights up the room. Or how Rachel’s face is beaming with happiness and love. (All of which were true!)

Instead, I thought about how lucky I am.

….. lucky to be sharing one of the most important days in Rachel’s life (her wedding!) with some of the most amazing friends. Friends that have come into my life at all different points, yet friends who seem to have been there throughout it all.

It was a moment where I wondered how life turned out this way. How all the crazy paths I took led me to this perfect moment where everything seemed, well, perfect.

Molly. Frankie. Christine. Rachel. These women are truly incredible, and I am so lucky to have them be such a huge part of my life.

When I am with them, I am always in the moment, but at that moment dancing at Rachel’s wedding, I was lost in a moment.

Friday Fancie :: Vino Dolce

I will admit it. I have a sweet tooth. I am going to blame it on my Italian upbringing and the fact that at EVERY holiday, we have more desserts than main course options.

So needless to say, this desire for all things sweet influences the vino I pick for dinner or happy hour or lunch….hey…sometimes you just need a glass no matter if it is 5 o’clock somewhere or not.

You can find me in front of the riesling section …always. I’ve tried at least 60 different rieslings over the the years, but there is only ONE that I am completely, utterly in love with…(ok more like obbessed with).


In honor of the weekend, Dr. Beckermann’s Piesporter Michelsberg (or the riesling in the green bottle….because that is a mouthful, and I know I do not pronounce it correctly) is my Friday Fancie this week!

– You can only find this bottle of perfection at Trader Joe’s (pretty much my favorite store and this is just another reason why).

– It costs $5.99. Yes, my favorite bottle of riesling is less than $6 a bottle making it the perfect bottle for every day. Why enjoy a glass of wine out, when you can have the whole bottle at home with friends. :)

– The wine has hints of pears and peaches. It is sweet, but not like candy. I would say it pairs well with just about everything (but that is because I drink it with everything.)

Pick up a bottle of this vino this weekend, and I bet you will start to fall in love with it too! Have a fabulous weekend!