Photographic Lessons Learned Traveling Through Central America + Peru

Over the last two months, I lugged a backpack I packed to the brim with my possessions through Peru and Central America. I was on a adventure. What I was looking for? A lifetime experience. I hiked through the Andes mountains. Explored the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu. Practiced yoga on a pier in Utila. Spent the day with monkeys and sloths in Costa Rica. Surfed in the Pacific. Ate authentic rice and beans in Nicaragua.

I relaxed. I touched. I saw. I photographed. Anything that was beautiful, inspiring and made me feel alive. I fell in love over and over again with photography. Here are some of the things I learned behind the lens.

Imperfect weather sometimes makes for perfect photos

My first day in a new city is always my favorite day to photograph. However our first day in Cusco, Peru came with rain and clouds, so I was somewhat disappointed. But I continued to shoot and ended up with this fierce image of the Cathedral of Santo Domingo.

Beauty can be found in the most simple moments

For 28 days, I walked past the same flower in Quepos. And each day, as I walked past it, I smiled and admired how something so simple could be so gorgeous. I knew I had to preserve the flower’s beauty to admire for days to come by capturing it on my camera.

It is the thing that everyone else overlooks that can be the most intriguing

We hiked for 10 hours through the Peruvian jungle with our sights set on Machu Picchu. As the group forged ahead (because they were miles ahead of me), I looked to my right and noticed the vibrant, colored bug. How had everyone passed this amazing creature without drawing attention to it?

Be ready for the unexpected and do not hesitate to seize it

I was fortunate enough to see my fair share of stunning sunsets over tranquil waters while on our trip. So many, in fact, that I had stopped photographing them, but as I watched the sun dropping in the sky in Quepos, Costa Rica like many time before, the sky turned into a purple and pink watercolor that made you fall in love with sunsets all over again.

Sometimes it is less about where you are and more about who you are with 

While there is something magical about being in a foreign place, it was my time spent with two of the most important men in my life – my boyfriend and my only brother – that inspired me to create this photo of our first surf lesson in Jaco, Costa Rica.

Away from the chaos, you gravitate to the things you truly love

Walking along the beautiful beaches of Roatan, Honduras, I found myself lost behind my camera, grinning ear to ear, as I took photos of palm trees and turquoise water. As I did this, I fell deeper in love with my art and photography.

Patience can lead to perfection if you are willing to wait

I knew I could not leave Manual Antonio Natural Park (Costa Rica) without some photos of the white-faced monkeys. I found an area with some monkeys but they were swinging back in the trees making it hard to get the shot I wanted. As I was waiting with my camera, this monkey gained enough trust in me to get close to me for this shot.

There is a story to be told with what may appear mundane 

I noticed these women walking through the streets of Cusco. To others, they had just finished a days work of selling products on the streets, but in my eyes, this was a moment to capture the daily lifestyle of these Peruvian women.

When you are at a loss for words, photograph it

After 3 days of biking, hiking and crossing the roaring river in a metal basket (don’t ask), we made it to Machu Picchu. There is no real way to describe the awe, wonder, and mystery when you are there, so I did what I did best….photographed it.

I learned so much while traveling, but one of the most important things I took away from my trip was to let myself be inspired by the world around me, and in doing this, I will create stunning images to share.

Friday Fancies :: Personalized Bridal Hangers

I remember back in junior high, my friends and I would doodle our names on our notebooks with the last name of the boy we liked. Over and over and over, we would write this. This “new” last name changed. Almost weekly. We would break up. Move on. And find someone else. However, we would continue to sign our names with our latest crush’s last name. Oh, young love!!!

For girls, there is something exciting about changing their last name, which is why brides love all things related to their soon-to-be last name.

One of my favorite things for a bride to have is a personalized bridal hanger for her wedding day. I have yet to see a bride (or photographer!) who did not love a hanger with her new last name.

This is my Friday Favorite because:

  • It makes a thoughtful engagement/bridal shower gift. My best friend, Ashley, cried when she opened the one I gave her. :) I promise it will be one of the bride’s favorite gifts!
  • The hanger looks so pretty in photos….especially compared to the icky, wire hanger the bridal stores often leave a gown hanging on. (And we know that I am always thinking about the photography….and I want my bride’s stunning gowns hanging on something equally as beautiful as their dress.)
  • It is something that the bride will continue to have and use – even after the wedding day.

I love these hangers to pieces! If you are interested in getting one of these for yourself or a friend, daughter, sister, niece, etc shoot me a note at In addition to my photography skills, I make this little guys on the side. :) 


Reverse the Curse :: Donate a Goat!

Today I threw on my red bottoms (jeans that is…I wish I was talking about Louboutins) and headed up to Wrigleyville for the Chicago Cubs’ opening day and to support and document a great cause: Reverse the Curse.

Last year, Jeremy Freeman, created Reverse the Curse for two reasons:

1. To help break the Chicago Cubs’ curse and bring them to the World’s Series

2. To donate goats to families in developing countries to help enrich their lives

I had the pleasure of documenting Billy the Goat and the loyal Cubs fans today. Let me tell you, opening day brings out die-hard fans (and a handful of trained drinkers…ok a lot of drinkers).

There was an enormous amount of interest and support for Reverse the Curse, but if you weren’t able to experience it firsthand, please check out Reverse the Curse to purchase a t-shirt or to learn more about how you can help donate a goat to a family in need!

Enjoy the photos from our super fun (but somewhat chilly!) day in Wrigley! :)