Friday Fancies :: Personalized Bridal Hangers

I remember back in junior high, my friends and I would doodle our names on our notebooks with the last name of the boy we liked. Over and over and over, we would write this. This “new” last name changed. Almost weekly. We would break up. Move on. And find someone else. However, we would continue to sign our names with our latest crush’s last name. Oh, young love!!!

For girls, there is something exciting about changing their last name, which is why brides love all things related to their soon-to-be last name.

One of my favorite things for a bride to have is a personalized bridal hanger for her wedding day. I have yet to see a bride (or photographer!) who did not love a hanger with her new last name.

This is my Friday Favorite because:

  • It makes a thoughtful engagement/bridal shower gift. My best friend, Ashley, cried when she opened the one I gave her. :) I promise it will be one of the bride’s favorite gifts!
  • The hanger looks so pretty in photos….especially compared to the icky, wire hanger the bridal stores often leave a gown hanging on. (And we know that I am always thinking about the photography….and I want my bride’s stunning gowns hanging on something equally as beautiful as their dress.)
  • It is something that the bride will continue to have and use – even after the wedding day.

I love these hangers to pieces! If you are interested in getting one of these for yourself or a friend, daughter, sister, niece, etc shoot me a note at In addition to my photography skills, I make this little guys on the side. :) 


Reverse the Curse :: Donate a Goat!

Today I threw on my red bottoms (jeans that is…I wish I was talking about Louboutins) and headed up to Wrigleyville for the Chicago Cubs’ opening day and to support and document a great cause: Reverse the Curse.

Last year, Jeremy Freeman, created Reverse the Curse for two reasons:

1. To help break the Chicago Cubs’ curse and bring them to the World’s Series

2. To donate goats to families in developing countries to help enrich their lives

I had the pleasure of documenting Billy the Goat and the loyal Cubs fans today. Let me tell you, opening day brings out die-hard fans (and a handful of trained drinkers…ok a lot of drinkers).

There was an enormous amount of interest and support for Reverse the Curse, but if you weren’t able to experience it firsthand, please check out Reverse the Curse to purchase a t-shirt or to learn more about how you can help donate a goat to a family in need!

Enjoy the photos from our super fun (but somewhat chilly!) day in Wrigley! :)


Friday Fancies :: Baleadas

It happened out of no where. Well, maybe not completely out of no where. I have my suspicions about what made the switch in my brain (and stomach) change. One day I was eating meat. The next day, I was boasting, “I am a vegetarian.”

WHAT?! My boyfriend, Phil, who is a complete carnivore was now being subjected to black bean burgers, veggie soups and hummus. He was less than pleased and didn’t hide it with his constant hints at how each meal should include “meat, meat, meat.”

But then three months into my pseudo-vegetarian lifestyle, we discovered the perfect comprise. In the midst of traveling through Peru and Central America, the magical, food practically landed in our laps. The….BALEADA!

Baleadas are one of Honduras’ most popular foods. A baleada is a wheat tortilla, folded in half, filled with mashed beans. This is the baleada in its most simple form. You can get a baleada any way you like. Hence why it works for a meal for both Phil and I.

The baleada is my Friday Favorite of the week and here is why:

  • It is a vegetarian friendly option or can be made for the meat-loving individual.
  • Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. It works for them all. Oh ya, baby!
  • I can make these. Yes. The person who once set a crock-pot up in smoke, leaving only charred pieces of pork, crisp in the bottom of the dish, can make a deliciosa baleada.
  • You can get creative with these things. Different types of beans. Eggs. Avocado. No Avocado. Slaw. Hot Sauce. Cheese. Veggies. Whatever you can dream up. I love the options (which pretty much means I will and can eat these nearly every day for months until I am so sick of them I won’t want to even hear the word – baleada.)
  • They make a great option for Lent Fridays. No pescado para mí hoy.

Happy Friday! I hope you will try my new favorite food soon. :)