As a kid, I loved the book fair and the library. Like …. a lot.

Every summer I would breeze through those reading challenges that rewarded you with a Great America pass with ease. It could be my obsession with checking things off lists or adding a gold sticker to the chart …. but I was a reading addict.

It turns out that as an adult, I still have a love affair with learning and books, and I make it a point to read as many business books I can get my hands on each year. (I just found out from reading Captivate that one of my core values is knowledge — total game changer for me!)

Below are my 7 must-read books for creative entrepreneurs. Read these babies, take notes …. you are basically hacking your way to an MBA.

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6 Reasons to take engagement photos

Are you unsure about the idea of taking engagement photos?

Do you feel like they aren’t important? Or do they seem a little cheesy?

Or maybe that you don’t need them (you are going to have beautiful wedding photos after all, right?).

I get it. But hear me out.

I believe engagement sessions are pretty freakin’ important … SO much so that I include an engagement session in EVERY collection that the studio offers.

If you are on the fence about if you want or need an engagement session, here are 6 reasons why I think engagement sessions rock.

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