Every year at Christmas eve, my mom tries to mix up the conversation at the dinner table by asking what our favorite Christmas memory is. She has been asking this for as long as I can remember. So much, that now when she asks, each of my cousins answers with someone else’s answer … My Uncle Sino’s favorite was the year he got the red bike, my cousin Matt’s is the year they made a music video….

I’ve never really had a true favorite Christmas memory … until this year. This Christmas Eve, I will say that this Christmas is my favorite because I finally feel complete. I have everything I could want.

Amazing friends and family. The most supportive boyfriend. My passion as a career. My health. A gorgeous apartment in the city. The luxury of travel.

If I received nothing under the tree this year, I would be just as happy with what I already have.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. donna bekas December 24, 2012

    beautifully said from the heart :) Merry Christmas to our beautiful daughter. love you more than anything.

  2. Kristin December 28, 2012

    I know it wasn’t the year you opened and rewrapped all your presents because you made me do it too!! haha ahhh the memories we have :) I am so glad you are complete!! xoxo

    • brittanybekas December 30, 2012

      Haha … oh the memories. That ruined Christmas … never again!


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