I’m so excited for April to finally be here because this month is going to be  whirlwind, and I’m so ready for it. Between my first visit to San Francisco for a much needed trip to see my college friend, Cortney, to a stylized shoot with a great creative team, and another trip to Grand Caymen to visit Phil …. I feel like I’ll hardly be at home.


>> Practice shooting in sh*tty light. After learning from a bunch of amazing photographers and reading a ton of photo books, I have been putting my new knowledge to use. Sure, I may have had to practice with a Budha figure for a lot of my sessions, but it was extremely helpful, and I am feeling like I have a new bag of tricks for April.

>> Spend less time on social media. Hm, well this is hard to judge, but I would say that I spent way less time on social media.

>> Define my brand words. The last half of the month, I have been crazed with rebranding, getting a new logo and updating the look of Brittany Bekas Photography. I am hoping to launch a new and improved www.brittanybekas.com sometime in May, and I’m so excited to softly roll out of the new brand. A more mature, chic, sophisticated look. Think editorial, fashionable and modern.

>> Eat more fruits and veggies. It’s hard you see … because I have this committed relationship with carbs. I felt like I was cheating on them. But I have been working more clean, fresh fruits and veggies into my diet, and I’m hoping to kick the carbs cravings even more this month.

>> Spend one afternoon at the bookstore. I loved this goal when I wrote it, and I loved it when I made it happen 2x this month. I learned a ton just by flipping through some great photography books and turning through the glossy magazine pages. I am hoping to make this a monthly date with myself.

Chicago and destination wedding and lifestyle photography photos


>> Spend more time living. Instead of stressing about the dirty dishes and laundry or my never ending to-do list … I want to put friends, family and life before the mundane day-to-day.

>> Finish BrittanyBekas.com redesign and launch it.

>> Sell …. prints, books, canvases and more.

>> Explore as much of San Fran/Napa as possible. And document everything about it.

>> Spring clean even more. Yes, including dusting … but mostly learning to live a minimalist lifestyle.

Brittany XO Signature 2

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  1. Kristin April 3, 2013

    there ya go, those branding words sound good!


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