February is one of my favorite winter months. It is the shortest month. It has Valentine’s Day = I will be eating chocolate all month long. And I’m going on vacation!

But before I dive into all my goals for the month, let me share how the first month of 2013 went …

– Develop a consistent social media/marketing plan :: This is a work in progress, but I have started to refine what topics I am posting, what type of content I want to share, and I have a bigger picture for the year. And that was the goal, right. :)

– Blog in advance (aka not the day I need to post) :: I have been picking a day each week to crank out my blogs so I can either schedule them in advance or so I can tweak the night before I post. I have been posting in the morning which means I have ’em ready to go the night before. Whoot!

– Try one new thing a week (food, workout, experience) :: Lots of new things happened in Jan. I made some new recipes, I bought two new bottles of vino, I went to the shooting range and shot a gun (oh yes, don’t mess with me now .. ha), I lunched at Feast, I read 5 new books. I also took a pasta making class with mom (blog post coming soon!) I found myself saying yes and asking people what they had in mind to help me get out of my routine which is why this month felt so long … because I was experiencing things out of the mundane.

Chicago Cooking Academy Pasta Making Class | Brittany Bekas Photography

– Get back to the gym (like everyone else this month…ah ha) :: The perk of the “off-season” is more downtime. Despite wanting to stay inside and avoid the cold air outside, I bundled up in many, many layers and walked my butt to the gym. And I must say, it felt good to be there.

– Finally learn how to use the HD video on my cameras :: I was hoping that by the time I was updating this post, I would have been able to say I started this, but I have not. Sigh. However, I am setting aside 20 minutes each day to start learning this, so I can use it on the Caribbean Cruise I am taking this month.

So, what do I want to accomplish this month? As usual … a lot… but here is a few things.

– Start shooting more horizontal shots! (As I was updating business things, I realized I shoot A LOT of verticals.)

– Get creative without using any photographs and/or my camera/iPhone


– Watch less TV Bravo

– Plan a stylized engagement/wedding photo shoot

– Surprise my past clients with a fun new product. Details to come soon!

Here is to making the shortest month a great one!

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