When I woke up this morning, I was slightly sad that it is already July. Summer always goes so fast … but it is even sadder because June was hardly a summer. Hello, when is it actually going to be warm out?! I’ve been crazy with shoots, weddings, the new website and spending time with friends and family. Here’s how I did on my June goals, and what I have on the list for July.


>> Attend at least one Chicago fest // I was hoping to make it to more than one fest, but I will have to settle for a Sunday afternoon with my bestie, Christine at the Old Town Art Fair (which is my favorite fest of them all anyway).

>> Shoot only with my prime lenses (sorry 24-70 … I still like you…) // I’ve been shooting prime non-stop, and I am loving the results.

>> Launch the new BrittanyBekas.com. For real. // This should be launching very, very soon. Just getting the final details perfect before I switch it. Be on the look out for it early next week.

>> Submit at least 3 weddings/shoots for publication // I’ve been submitting all my amazing sessions/weddings non-stop but this got pushed back on the to-do list until the new site launches. But once it does, be on the look out for some fun features!

>> Take walks after dinner instead of vegging out on the couch // Phil and I have started to do this … but I’ve been working non-stop that there hasn’t been much vegging out.

>> Enjoy one weekday poolside. Guilt free. Reading encouraged. // If summer would actually come and stay for a while, this would would have happened more. But I have been at the pool two times this month, so I’ll take it. This is a must for July.

Brittany Bekas Photography | Grand Cayman and Destination Wedding Photographer


>> Update Glamour portfolio to reflect current posing / shooting style

>> Start waking up a little earlier (aka before 9 am)

>> Take a few HD video clips during shoots or behind the scenes videos

>> Keep our apartment organized. Aka … no dumping bags/shoes/gear because we are running out the door.

>> Find the Stanley Cup and get my photo taken with it 

>> Have a film day and one day of shooting for FUN

Well that’s all for this month, babes. Hope everyone has a perfect July … and let me know what you are hoping to achieve this month.

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