You are taking too much. Um….are you going to save any for me?! Who took all the veggie casserole? Ah, my Aunt Marge’s famous veggie casserole. This warm, heavenly mixture of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and creamy goodness is liquid gold …. and it is the ONE thing on the Thanksgiving table that my cousins and I battle over just about every year. After years of hearing this banter, my Aunt Marge started making huge trays so that we can eat as much as we want AND bring home leftovers. Now that is something to be thankful for.

Today will be bittersweet though. I’ll be getting an extra serving of veggie casserole because my little and only brother, Peter will be eating rice and noodles in Thailand. It won’t be the same without him sitting alongside us strategizing over the Black Friday ads like years past.

Brittany Bekas Photography // Wedding + lifestyle photographer

Everyday this week, I have been noting all the things I am beyond thankful for … but rather than give you the full list, here are the cliff notes … Phil, my family + Bentley (how adorable does he look laying on the couch today watching football?!), friends, peanut butter cups, long, hot showers, true happiness, being my own boss, Pinterest and all of my clients, readers, and supporters who trust me to document and share their special moments.

Happy turkey day!

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