When I woke up this morning, I had one of those moments where you are utterly confused about where you are. You know, the feeling that goes through your mind when you are somewhere unfamiliar. Well, I woke up a little confused … not because I was somewhere were I shouldn’t have been, but because I was somewhere I hadn’t been in so long …

It has been over 21 days since I have been in my bed in Chicago. Between a long weekend in San Francisco and two weeks in Grand Cayman …. I forgot what it was like to be home. In this space. In that room … that is really more like a cave (since it has NO windows). And while it was wonderful to sleep in and have the whole bed to myself … covers and all, my heart broke a little. I woke up a little sad. Sad that I wasn’t going to be exploring a new location. Bummed because I wasn’t going to be near the perfect, aqua water. Heartbroken because I am hundreds of miles away from Phil …..

Phil is learning to be a scuba dive master in Grand Cayman, and after 5 weeks of being away … he will still be gone another 3 weeks. We have shared many months of being in a long distance relationship over the years … but it is so different when you are used to living together and seeing each other … all. the. time.

It is great to be home … but it doesn’t feel like home when someone is missing. I am counting down the days until this little Chicago apartment and my heart feel whole again.

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