This past weekend, I traveled to Tulsa to photograph a wedding with my dear friend and talented photographer, Cassandra Photo. When we landed back in Chicago, Sunday, I promised myself I would take a day off this week. Yes, an actual day off. With no sneak peaks, no Facebook updates, no blogs, no emails. I may have snuck in a little work in the morning (eek, A for effort, right?!), but I did get to spend a whole day with one of my best friends. My mom.

We spent the day running in and out of different stores hunting for the perfect leather jacket while sharing stories, giggling and just spending much needed quality time together. All on a Monday. And then when the day turned into night, I decided to stay the night watching Betrayal with my mom on the couch.

And as I sat there, watching TV, I couldn’t help but smile. Because my heart felt full. I was genuinely happy. I have created this amazing life for myself. A life where my job is beyond fun …. a job where it really doesn’t feel like work. A life where I can take a random day off to just spend time with my mom …. or where I can grab lunch with an old friend or  …. where I can just work in my pjs as the rain pours down outside.

She Designed a Life She Loved

I am so blessed that this life is real. That I have the freedom and flexibility that I longed for so many years ago. And that every day I wake up, I get to live my dream.

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