The past week as has been a little bit crazy to say the least. I started off with two amazing back-to-back weddings on Saturday and Sunday and then moved back into my apartment on Monday. Phil and I decided to rent out our place while we traveled the world over the winter, and it feels so great to FINALLY be back here just in time for the best time in Chicago … SUMMER! Between dinners with old friends, lots and lots of editing, setting up this apartment and cheering on the Blackhawks to one more victory, the week FLEW by. So much, that I may have slacked on blogging this week. Sorry, friends! I had every intention of FINALLY sharing my Thailand photos with you today, but since I still haven’t edited them, here is one from the gorgeous Thai islands … (yes this is really what the colors looked liked!) and some of the links I found that I just LOVED this month.

Brittany Bekas Photography // wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Chicago

>> This song by SafetySuit makes me miss Phil that much more …. less than one month until I see him again …

>> I love lists, which is why I think this bucket list idea is so adorable for a guest book alternative at a wedding.

>> Lusting over this amazing print of the world.

>> I wish these boho pants would just show up in my closet.

>> Even though Phil isn’t home yet, we are planning our next travel adventure, so I just loved these tips on when we should actually book our flights.

>> My  birthday feels like it is right around the corner, so I really appreciated this list of things you will regret in your 30s.

>> This time lapse hack is going to be such a fun little trick to add to our travel photography skills.

>> Did you see these GORGEOUS diy floral crowns. I want to make one and wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yes, I am that much of a flower child these days.

Did you stumble on something amazing this month on the internet? If so, leave me the link the comments below so I can check it out!

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