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October is one of my FAVORITE months – the changing of the leaves, boot season, chili, my birthday and lots of candy eating. It was a beyond busy month though as I packed in the last of my shoots before jetting off to Grand Cayman to celebrate my birthday and photograph a wedding. I didn’t cross off as many things as I had hoped, but that is life. As the year comes to a close, I am focusing on finding new inspiration and planning what is next for the business. Here is a look at my October list and what I have planned for November.

OCTOBER TO – DO LIST [ update ]

>> Cheer the Chicago Blackhawks to a victory on the road in Nashville : Despite a Blackhawk loss, it was an amazing weekend.

>> Update my wedding / engagement portfolio before engagement season starts (hello, holidays) : Happening once I wrap up my weddings for my amazing clients …. 

>> Celebrate my golden birthday while working on a golden tan in Grand Cayman. (I just love everything gold…) : It was a fantastic birthday on the beach … I couldn’t have been happier to be in the sun on my birthday.

>> Buy at least one pumpkin. Drink apple cider. Watch one scary movie (but a good crime show can also count). : The month went so fast, I never actually purchased a pumpkin, but I sipped cider and watched a good amount of crime shows (no scary movies for me).

>> Order my NEW sample albums. Yes, for real. : Fail, fail, fail. On the list … again.

>> Develop new session posing so it is full of natural movement : I have turned into the creepy people watching stranger in public places, but I promise it is all for the love of my work. If you caught me creeping on you, I am sorry … it was research. :) 

>> Photograph 12 shoots and 3 weddings and edit them before the end of the month : I was shooting nearly every day … and then I got sick. Bad … for days. So I am playing catch up on editing, and my clients have been so patient as the anxiously await their photos. 

>> Eliminate at least 3 things from my closet and anything I haven’t used in the last 6 months : Phil and I will be doing major winter cleaning once we are back in Chicago for the holidays, so I know we will be eliminating. Nothing makes you realize how MUCH you have until you live out of a suitcase for weeks on end.

Chicago Wedding Concorde Banquets Wedding Photos_0019


>> Photograph my parents in a special 30 year anniversary session on the beautiful Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman

>> Shoot with my wider lenses for some wide photos (I just adore my 70-200 so it is time to love my 24-70 a little)

>> Look at my surroundings with fresh eyes and a new perspective

>> Relax and watch Gone Girl / Hunger Games / Before I Go To Sleep. I read all the books, so now it is movie time

>> Celebrate my first Thanksgiving out of the country … island style

>> Spend 4 days shooting just for me – including using my Holga while in Grand Cayman

>> Select 40 images for my updated wedding portfolio (this really should be to-do #1)

What’s on your must do-list this month?

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