For the past few days, what would you do with your winning lottery money has been a popular topic. As I asked my friends and parents yesterday what they would do with the dinero, we dreamed up the amazing vacations we would take … traveling around the world to exotic places and far away lands. Thailand, Moccarco, Brazil, Fiji … the list went on and on.

While everyone wanted something different, the one common theme was that they would all quit their jobs and just live. No more bosses, no more of the daily grind of 9 to 5. They would just retire and live. It never crossed my mind to quit. Instead, I thought of the list of gear on my Amazon Wishlist that I could finally buy (everything is still available if you need a Christmas gift..ha). How I could purchase some amazing frocks, flats and animal print blouses to rock at weddings. How I would get amazing marketing materials printed…..but never once did I think I would stop being a lifestyle photographer….

You see, I have found a job that really, truly does not feel like work. And when you find that, you have found something amazing. This print from Heartfish Prints hangs above my desk and reminds me every. single. day. how lucky I am to be doing what I love.



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  1. donna bekas November 29, 2012

    Yes you won the lottery and didn’t even know it. You always had it you just had to find it in the right time. You are more talented then you realize:)


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