1. Black and White : My apartment is pretty much almost all black and white … so it is no surprise that my wardrobe and what I have been wearing lately is lots and lots of black and white including really cute chevron prints.

2. Trader Joe’s Sparking Lemonade : I have been tempted to try to make this myself with my soda stream, but I think part of what makes this drink taste so yummy is the gorgeous bottle.

3.  The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell : This book has been on my list of “must read” business books, so I finally ordered it for my iPad/Kindle … and I am fascinated about why some products become a huge trend (think TOMS) whereas other products have no buzz.

4. Randolph Street Market  : Um, this place ROCKS. Like I am so in love. It is an outdoor/indoor market in the west loop full of so many great little treasures like vintage dishes, cameras, decor, jewelry. I love the hunt for something different, so this place is my new fav … too bad it is only once a month.

5. Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis : I’m design crazed this month. My pinterest feed is full of home decor and my DVR is loaded with this show. I think Jeff has the best design aesthetic, and I would LOVE for him to design my home. Anyway we can make this happen, Bravo? ;)

What can’t you get enough of this month? Let me know.

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photo credits // [ 2 ] habbyfrenchforme.blogspot.com

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