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1. CROCKPOT FRENCH ONION SOUP // There is nothing better than the smell of this soup cooking in the crockpot all day. And its so, so easy. Here is the recipe I have been loving.

2. HAPPINESS PROJECT // A great book at improving your personal happiness and different steps on how to get there. I learned that organizing makes me happy, so I have been doing it non-stop lately.

3. BETRAYAL // A gorgeous photographer living in Chicago ends up having an affair with a corrupt lawyer. Drama, Chicago and photography. Sign me up. I also love seeing my River North neighborhood in just about every scene.

4. LEATHER LEGGINGS // It is the Italian in me, but I can’t hold back from this hot trend. I have been rocking these leggings as much as possible… and I must say I feel extra sexy when I do.

5. STU’S BLOODY MARY MIX // I have a confession. I now LOVE bloody mary’s. It was years to get me here, but after finding this delicious mix at the Randolph Street Market, I am now hooked. Want to try it?! You can order it here!

What can’t you resist this month? Leave me a comment below.

IMAGE CREDITS // 1. french onion soup // 4. leather leggings // 5. stu’s bloody mary mix

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  1. Rachel December 5, 2013

    Dunkin Donuts’ Red Velvet Lattes!


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