1. TIGER EYE PENDANT // Whenever we travel, I always try to bring back at least one piece of jewelry to remember our trip. I snagged a tiger eye pendant (their national stone) when we were in South Africa, and it has been my favorite piece of jewelry. It is perfect for laying or wearing on its own.

2. OLIVE CROCHET FRINGE VEST // I have been trying not to shop much, but when I saw this olive crochet fringe vest, I knew it would have a permanent home in my closet. My current favs – fringe, olive, and crochet all in one clothing item. :)

3. INSTAGRAM // My FAVORITE social media outlet there is …. yes, is instagram. As a creative and a curator, the pretty square boxes fill me with so much happiness and inspiration. It is my go-to app on my iPhone when I have a moment of time to kill (yes, including commercial breaks between Modern Family.)

4. MODERN FAMILY // If you are not watching this show … you are missing out. I laugh out loud through the whole 30 minutes, and I still cannot pick my favorite character because I love them all. (But maybe Phil? or Cam? … )

5. CLIFTON // I feel like this is an obvious one, but ever since I saw the photos of our furbaby when he arrived, I have been completely in love with him. While it is non-stop chasing him around and cleaning up after him, the puppy kisses, the morning snuggles, and his excitement when I walk in the door, makes my heart flutter.

Is there something you are loving this month? Leave it in the comments below so I can check it out.

IMAGE CREDITS // tiger eye via etsy // vest via nordstrom // clifton by brittany bekas photography

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