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Summer has finally arrived, and I am as excited as a school girl on the last day of class. Here are some of my summer finds and loves for the month of June.

1. CACTI // I went to Home Depot for THREE cacti …. I ended up with SEVEN! Eek… they were just too cute / cool / amazing to leave them behind. So now my apartment is a mini cacti desert. Here’s to hoping I can keep them alive.

2. NYX INDIE FLICK // This orange lipstick is so fun! I picked it up for a wedding, and now I rock it almost daily. For someone who only wore nudes, this is such a big (wild) change for my lips.

3. HIGH WAISTED SHORTS // I have converted, and I love them for Chicago afternoons, hitting the town or just lounging at the pool. I may snag a few more pairs before summer’s end.

4. SAFETY SUIT – NEVER STOP // Thank you Pandora, for another new favorite artist / song. I’m not going to lie … I have been listening to this on repeat and counting down the days until Phil is back in Chicago. It is so sweet … and would make a great first dance song for all my brides-to-be.

5. BLACK BOX // If you aren’t watching this new show on ABC … start. Anything that combines drama, the human brain and hot doctor(s) is a winner in my book.

Can’t get enough of X, Y, Z? Let me know so I can check it out.

IMAGE CREDITS  // 2. nyx indie click via allure.com  // 3. high-waisted shorts  // 5. black box via abc.com

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