I’m not sure what happened in March and April because I totally forgot about my obsessions posts. It makes me pretty sad because I love looking back at them to see what things I couldn’t get enough of. Anyway, I missed two months, but this is back for the rest of the year. Pinky promise.

1. BLUE MOON // This one goes hand-in-hand with #4.

2. SALT + VINEGAR CHIPS // I vowed to eat less “junk” when I got home, but I can’t fight my cravings for these delicious chips.

3. LEOPARD PRINT SUNNIES // You may have seen these on my Instagram feed a few months ago when I picked them up in Vietnam. But I love them … so much … that I put Phil on the hunt to get me a couple more pairs while he is still in Asia.

4. BLACKHAWKS PLAYOFFS // Do I really need to explain this one? Let’s go HAWKS. #stanleycup2014 #letsdoitagain

5. TRISTAN PRETTYMAN// I discovered this amazing artists a few weeks ago on my Pandora stream, and now I CANNOT stop listening to her. If you like Colbie Caillat … I promise you will love Tristan. Plus anyone who makes a music video with a white tiger is amazing in my book.

What can’t you resist this month? Leave me a comment below.

IMAGE CREDITS  // 2. salt + vinegar chips // 4. blackhawks  // 5. tristan prettyman

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  1. milsztof May 15, 2014

    Salt and vinegar chips rules :)


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