avoiding my laptop to create

I can admit that I can at times be a work-a-holic. Lately, I have been squeezing in sessions any where I can find the time meaning that I haven’t really been taking days off. On the days I am at home and “taking the day off”, Phil will walk in and see me in Lightroom editing (ekkk!). Sometimes, I can’t resist the little voice coming out of my laptop on days off saying “open me. play with me. edit. blog. respond to client emails.”

So this Monday, I avoided my MacBook at all costs by sitting down to work on a fun, creative photo project for myself that I found on Pinterest from Darkroom and Dearly. I have been wanting to make coasters from our apartment, so when I saw these DIY polaroid coasters, I was so excited to take some of my personal photography and create something I can enjoy every day.

I made these coasters for Phil since he loves the beach more than anyone I know.

And the cities around the world coasters for the city girl… me! :)

This whole project took me less than two hours (while watching Anthony Bourdain) and it was SO easy. If you are inspired to make your own, make sure you check out Darkroom and Dearly‘s step-by-step instructions.

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  1. donna bekas October 26, 2012

    love these coasters, how creative and so fun to remember each one of the the special times at these places. Great for conversations.


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