the little things

I carefully unwrapped the red foil wrapper uncovering the smooth, dark Dove chocolate promise candy. As I bit into the chocolate a smile came across my face, and I realized it is these little moments that make life good. Like really good. Sure, an amazing vacation or a swanky party create great moments. But in between the daily grind, laundry and dirty dishes, it is the little things that really make life a little sweeter….especially when life has been as hectic as it has been the last couple weeks.

I thought of all the little things that I love in my day to day to remind myself that life is not about the designer handbag or the newest camera. The material possessions mean nothing if you can’t appreciate the little pieces of happiness like…..

– oozey grilled cheese sandwiches dipped in creamy tomato soup

– an unexpected kiss on the forehead from my best friend and boyfriend

– creamy root beer floats (my current after-dinner treat)

– hearing my favorite song come on the speakers and then dancing like no one is watching (even if someone is…)

– a phone call from a dear friend who just wants to “catch up”

– drinking bubbly water out of my “fancy” wine goblets

– a compliment from a complete stranger

– cuddling under a cozy blanket when nature decides it is going to rain all day

There are so many other little things and moments that make me stop and think, how did my life end up so sweet. Thanks, Dove, for reminding me that it is the little things, the little moments that make me the happiest.

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  1. donna bekas September 26, 2012

    love that you can truly enjoy the small, simple but important things in life.
    wish we could all do that.


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