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So, I have been like off the radar …. off the grid … MIA … for weeks now. I feel super guilty about it. Its like when you skip a workout. You miss one, then it turns into a few and then the next thing you know it you are a full-fledged couch potato. I am a blogging couch potato. The more days I went without blogging, the harder it was to jump back into it. But I’m BACK. And I’m back for good. I promise. I’m finally back in the US (which is bittersweet – lots of blogs about my trip, traveling and how I am forever changed by my experience coming soon … promise!).

I’ve mellowed out a lot (aka: I am all about flowers in my hair and fringe – total hippie moments ahead) while I was gone, so there is nothing better than jumping into my to-do list for April to get back a little of that Type A-ness that rubbed off in Asia.


>> Ride an elephant + have a visit with a tiger while in Thailand :  The most amazing life experiences! If you want some peeks of my time with these wild animals, be sure to follow me on Instagram.

>> Design/create new marketing materials : These are in the works …. hoping to have them ready by the end of April!

>> Try one new food (I’ve been stuck on a few go-to meals [read: safe] while traveling)  Massaman curry, hot and sour soup, +++ so much more. Thanks, Thailand!

>> Pre-blog all posts on one day each week: READ EPIC FAIL! I blame the beach. :)

>> Actually do my “travel workout” 3x a week

>> Incorporate 3 new marketing strategies into my business : I am still brainstorming up some ideas for this. More to come on this later.

>> FINALLY buy my Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VRII lens (and not panic when I see the total price)  I panicked, but I own it, and I am beyond HAPPY!

>> Drink more water (this is from my 12 goals for 2014)

april to do list // brittany bekas photography //


>> Eat less carbs … and more veggies (a goal from my 12 goals for 2014)

>> Submit at least 3 weddings/sessions to blogs this month

>> Eliminate. I’m trying to purge half of my stuff (but I’ll be happy if I get rid of 25%)

>> Buy less “things” and more “experiences”

>> Book one more 2014 wedding! (I’m just one away from my goal – who is it gonna be?!)

>> Edit all of my South East Asia photos and start designing an album of them

>> Design and print new sample albums + samples of my new products

I am tempted to add more to that list, but I am going to cut it off there (and save the ideas for May … hehe). What are you trying to get down this month? Spring is in the air, major cleaning projects? Let me know!

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  1. Andrea C. April 1, 2014

    Way to go Brittany! So proud of you… can’t wait to help with some of your April goals! My April goals are simple – do yoga every day and make a big, strategic move in my career :-) Can’t wait for more blog posts from you!


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