Hi everyone! I kind of went off the grid when I headed to Mexico after the new year for my first 2013 wedding (which I CAN’T wait to share with you all!) I was unplugged … with no internet or cell phone for a week. I must say .. it was amazing to just be instead of checking on Facebook, blogs, and email. But after neglecting my blog for a week, I am finally back!

I wanted to kick off this week with this quote because it is a great reminder to appreciate everything I have. The material possessions, the passion, the small successes along the way.

As important as it is to dream bigger and reach for more, I think it is just, if not more important, to relish in all that you have and achieve along the way.

Hope this sends a little inspiration your way! Happy Monday.

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  1. Kristin mieszcak January 14, 2013

    Love this and thanks for sharing! Totally puts life into perspective and to live in the now!


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