independence grove senior :: allison

I had a feeling that Allison was very responsible and mature just after our quick conversation to set up her session, however our afternoon together only confirmed it.

Allison is not your typical high school girl. She runs at least 7 miles a day through the very area that we took her senior photos at (which are STUNNING). She runs because she loves the “runners high”. On top of that, she works at a pathology lab. Applying to some top notch ivy league schools, Allison is quite the smarty pants. Her career goal … become a surgical oncologist. Oh, and she could pretty much be a part-time model based on the stunning photos from our session.

Allison – Thanks for picking me to create photos for your senior year (and allowing me to move elements of nature for the photo). You are a beautiful girl – inside and out! I wish you the best with your college applications and in the years ahead.

Here are my favorites from our session. It was SOO hard to only pick a few to post….

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  1. donna bekas October 17, 2012

    stunning photos ~


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