going for the gold

I have been completely infatuated with the Olympics this week. It may be because it takes place in London-town, and every time I get a peak at Big Ben or the London Eye, I am taken back to my incredible European adventure four years ago or because I am feel extra “American” by watching. Either way, all week I have been curled up on the couch cheering on Michael, Missy, and the Fab 5 to gold medals.

Midway through the women’s gynmatics finals Tuesday night, I turned to Phil and told him I used to be able to do that (ha, I wish!) He laughed in my face and told me that I can barely cannot do one pull-up…how would I be doing flips around the high bar. Thanks for the encouragement, babe. ;) But it got me to thinking, if my athletic abilities will not earn me a medal, what could I earn a medal in? Here is what I came up with.

:: The US Shop-a-thon Team (you should see me on black friday. world records, people.)

:: The US Closet Organizing Team

:: The US Talking/Gossiping Team

:: The US Grilled Cheese Eaters Team

…hey, I can’t be good at everything. :) Have a great weekend and go U.S.A!

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