obsessions - april 2015

1. PINK MAGNOLIA TREES // Swoon. These are my favorite trees to watch in the spring because of how GORGEOUS they look when they bloom. I took a little walk around the neighborhood yesterday, and the trees are budding and the flowers are starting to bloom. Yay! When I have a yard someday, it will be covered in these.

2. NUTELLA // I LOVED nutella for years. I would eat it every.single.day. to the point where I just couldn’t look at it. Since arriving in Europe, Nutella is back in my life. I’ve been snagging the little packets and eating for them breakfast and then for afternoon snacks with any pretzels / cookies I can get my hands on.

3. ZEBRAS // Yes, zebras. I’ve always liked them, but seeing them in the wild in South Africa … well it made me love them. While everyone on our safari was excited for lions and elephants, I was giddy when we spotted zebras. They are stunning and a dream to photograph.

4. KILLING FOR PROFIT // I first learned about this book from our safari guide. It is a detailed look at the horrors of killing rhinos for their horns and other poaching that happens throughout Africa. It is heartbreaking, and I haven’t been able to put it down. If you are looking for an interesting (and educational) read, this should be your next one.

5. TOMS // These little canvas shoes have been an excellent addition to my wardrobe especially when we travel. They are casual, comfy AND cute. If you don’t have a pair, get ’em.

Is there something you are loving this month? Leave it in the comments below so I can check it out.

IMAGE CREDITS // zebra + magnolia tree by brittany bekas photography // NUTELLA // TOMS via nordstrom

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