If you are anything like me, you have hundreds upon hundreds of photos stored on your computer + phone waiting to be printed, am I right?

I have thousands of images that have disappeared into the abyss of my computer’s hard drive …. never to be seen again. (This includes 3,000 photos from our three months in South East Asia in 2014….I keep telling myself I will get to printing those soon).

What would you do if these images disappeared?

If your hard drive failed?

If your phone was lost (and you hadn’t backed it up to the cloud)?

If you couldn’t show these images to your best friend, your mom, your children or your grandchildren?

If you are like me, you might cry for a long time about it …..

Which is why I believe your most cherished moments should not be left to solely live on your digital devices (because who knows what could happen to them…)

Your most cherished images deserve to be printed.

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