As a bride who opted for a first look, it is safe to say I LOVE this new tradition. But a first look isn’t for everyone (and that is totally ok).

As a photographer, I want to make sure my couples only decide to have a first look if it makes the most sense for them and their day.

So how do you know if YOU should have a first look? Here are 6 scenarios that might have your photographer suggesting a first look.

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How to choose a wedding photographer

When I got engaged, the number one question friends / family / strangers would ask me was, “who will be YOUR wedding photographer?”

I think they thought it would be impossible for me to let go and allow someone to run the show on our wedding day. (I am a little bit type A — so I totally get why everyone thought that.) :)

But guess what?

On our wedding day, I never thought like a photographer.

And the reason for that was because I hired someone I COMPLETELY trusted. I was able to be present for all the moments of my wedding day knowing that my photographer was capturing everything I would want to relive. It was freakin’ amazing!

If finding a wedding photographer is totally stressing you out, here are a few tips to help you find your perfect person.

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