As the rain poured down on a Friday evening in April, Geoff and Abby were separately in route to a mutual friend’s dinner party in Chicago. The party was a celebration honoring a friend from out-of-town and resulted in a diverse group of friends gathering at a local restaurant famous for it’s Mai Tai’s. Abby immediately caught Geoff’s eye when she arrived, and he was determined to get to know this beautiful woman better over the course of the evening. Abby and Geoff spent some time talking during dinner, but as the evening came to an end, Geoff knew that this one evening wasn’t enough time with Abby. He had to see her again …. on his own.

They started dating and just as the long Memorial Day weekend approached, Geoff knew he was ready to take their relationship to the next level. So he packed his bags and showed up at Abby’s Lakeview apartment for the long weekend … ready to kick off what would be an amazing summer together. It was during this weekend that Geoff and Abby realized they had found their perfect match.

Abby and I used to work together when I worked in advertising, so I was so excited to spend an evening catching up and getting to know Geoff as I documented their love around Lincoln Park.

Lincoln Park Engagement Photos_0029

I mean …. seriously, Abby?! Just stunning ……

Lincoln Park Engagement Photos_0025Lincoln Park Engagement Photos_0028

Abby and Geoff are getting married next summer in Abby’s hometown in Wisconsin, so they had their hearts set on photos with the Chicago skyline. I must admit that the Lincoln Park area is one of my favorite views of the Chicago skyline, and it makes for an excellent location because there is SO much variety around the park and zoo.

Lincoln Park Engagement Photos_0024 Lincoln Park Engagement Photos_0035

 Just as I arrived to the engagement session, raindrops were coming down …. but luckily they stopped just long enough for our session .. although we had to be extra careful on the wet pathways….

Lincoln Park Engagement Photos_0026 Lincoln Park Engagement Photos_0030 Lincoln Park Engagement Photos_0036Lincoln Park Engagement Photos_0033

I’m pretty much obsessed with Abby’s ring … rose gold … yes, please!

Lincoln Park Engagement Photos_0027 Lincoln Park Engagement Photos_0032

And I’ll leave you with this one because it sums up how cute, sweet and fun these two are!

Lincoln Park Engagement Photos_0037

Brittany XO Signature 2

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