I first met Carly and Jay in April when I photographed Sibel and Brian’s wedding. They were both in the wedding party, so when Carly emailed me a few months ago asking if I was available to photograph her upcoming wedding, I was immediately excited. I love being able to photograph couples I already worked with (especially when I know they are as fabulous as Carly and Jay) because they already know me and how I work.

Carly and Jay met me at Olive Park on a perfect July evening just as the sun was setting behind the Chicago skyline. I got to know them both better during our session learning how they have been together since high school and how their relationship flourished despite doing the long distance thing while Carly was at Western University. It is clear that they have found their match in each other when you are around them just by the way they look at each other. I had such a wonderful time with them during their engagement session, and I just know that their November wedding is going to be even better!

Olive Park Chicago Engagement Photos_0010 Olive Park Chicago Engagement Photos_0006

One of the perks of having your engagement session photographed during the week is that the locations are not crowded like they are during the weekends. We practically had the whole Olive Park to ourselves, and Carly and Jay were total naturals in front of my camera.

Olive Park Chicago Engagement Photos_0008Olive Park Chicago Engagement Photos_0003

Olive Park Chicago Engagement Photos_0013

Olive Park has gorgeous Chicago skyline views which is why Carly and Jay picked it for their engagement session.

Olive Park Chicago Engagement Photos_0017Olive Park Chicago Engagement Photos_0007

A favorite from the engagement session … right here.

Olive Park Chicago Engagement Photos_0019

Real, genuine laughter makes my heart smile.

Olive Park Chicago Engagement Photos_0002

Another favorite …. I just loved that we could also use Navy Pier as a backdrop for the engagement session.

Olive Park Chicago Engagement Photos_0009 Olive Park Chicago Engagement Photos_0018Olive Park Chicago Engagement Photos_0011

I mean ….. seriously, Carly?!? Just stunning ….

Olive Park Chicago Engagement Photos_0016 Olive Park Chicago Engagement Photos_0004

And I’ll leave you with this one …. because it is just too sweet.

Olive Park Chicago Engagement Photos_0020

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  1. Jennifer Brandon Soots August 4, 2014

    Love these! They are perfect….awesome job Brittany!

  2. Kristin Garcia August 4, 2014

    gorgeous! :)

  3. Sibel Biskup August 4, 2014

    Love love love!!! My besties look like models

  4. Jennie Burrows August 4, 2014

    beautiful carly and jay

  5. Annie Steele August 4, 2014

    Beautiful, Brittany Bekas!

  6. These pics made me shed a tear! . Happy tear!

  7. Traci Jacobson August 4, 2014

    Congratulations to the happy couple!!

  8. Breeda Carr August 4, 2014

    Awe…congrats Carly!!!

  9. Linda Andrzejak Bondi August 4, 2014


  10. Terri Rowe August 4, 2014

    Beautiful and Congratulations!!

  11. Beth Figlewicz August 4, 2014

    Absolutely beautiful!!!! Congrats to the happy couple!

  12. Sandra Stephens August 5, 2014

    Very Pretty I love all of them!!!

  13. Annmarie Dorushka-Carnduff August 5, 2014

    Such a cute couple! – great pictures! Congratulations!

  14. Bridget Hartnett Doyle August 5, 2014

    Beautiful Pictures of an awesome couple!
    Congratulations to you both!


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