It all began at Purdue. Mindi and Adam were out with a group of mutual friends enjoying an evening out. They may have chatted with each other, but nothing more than the casual mingling that happened within the group that night. But in the time out, Adam developed a little crush on Mindi. The next day, he asked Mindi’s roommate (whom he knew well enough to ask as his best friend was dating her) for Mindi’s phone number. Rather than simply call Mindi and ask her on a date, he took a different, more mysterious approach. He started texting her. And continued to text her for one week. Without ever saying who it was. Yes, he was the phantom texter. His own little secret admirer to Mindi, who wasn’t worried or phased by the fact that she was texting with someone for days without even asking or knowing who it was.

That weekend, friends gathered at the local bar for cocktails and a night of fun. Adam made his way over to Mindi to reveal he was the phantom texter. But again, he chose a different approach than the boring, “hey, so we have been texting” route most guys would have gone. Instead, he marched right over to Mindi and said, “Kiss me.” She resisted at first. But when he asked again, she gave in and gave him her last first kiss.

Five years later, Adam slipped a beautiful ring on her finger as she slept, so that when she awoke, she could say yes to a lifetime of waking up next to Adam. I am beyond excited to photograph these two all over again in a few months in St. Joe’s, Michigan!

Kinzie Street Bridge Engagement Photos_0041

We started the engagement session at Kinzie Street Bridge. This is one of my favorite urban engagement locations in Chicago because there is SO much variety in such a short distance.

Kinzie Street Bridge Engagement Photos_0050 Kinzie Street Bridge Engagement Photos_0044

Mindi is so bubby and is gorgeous inside and out ….

Kinzie Street Bridge Engagement Photos_0037 Kinzie Street Bridge Engagement  Photos_0043

I had so much fun spending the afternoon getting to know these two better. We had a blast and there was a ton of laughter (which I always LOVE).

Kinzie Street Bridge Engagement Photos_0049Kinzie Street Bridge Engagement Photos_0051 Kinzie Street Bridge Engagement Photos_0046 Kinzie Street Bridge Engagement Photos_0040 Kinzie Street Bridge Engagement Photos_0045

Adam looked dapper as ever. I love it when my future grooms get dressed up for their photos. And he was a total natural in front of the camera (per the below …)

Kinzie Street Bridge Engagement Photos_0038 Kinzie Street Bridge Engagement Photos_0042 Kinzie Street Bridge Engagement  Photos_0047

Brittany XO Signature 2


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