Rita wasn’t sure she could go on a date with Brian. She thought he was cute and they had mutual friends in common, but she still was hesitant about the whole thing. With a little nudge from her friend, she obliged and agreed to meet him at Hub 51.They were two strangers, but that night forever changed the direction of their lives. 

Brian’s midwestern mindset and good looks grabbed Rita’s attention right away, and the two spent hours deep in conservation. They quickly realized they both have an obsession with Newfoundlands (and large dogs in general). They felt as if fate intertwined into their lives and soon Brian could do nothing but place a ring on Rita’s finger.

Rita and Brian will marry next May at Gallery 1028, but first I met them in Lincoln Park for engagement photos.


While it was my first time meeting Rita and Brian, it instantly felt like we were old friends. These two are easy going and so much fun to be around. And then there is Roo. ….. she is one sweet pup who I instantly adored.

lincoln-park-chicago-engagement-photos-brittany-bekas-photography_0004 lincoln-park-chicago-engagement-photos-brittany-bekas-photography_0007 lincoln-park-chicago-engagement-photos-brittany-bekas-photography_0022

The sun was golden and dreamy. This is exactly why I shoot right before sunset …. so we can capture moments and light like this!


A little family love. The shot after this is literally Roo trying to give them both kisses. I mean … c’mon. How can one NOT love that?

lincoln-park-chicago-engagement-photos-brittany-bekas-photography_0005 lincoln-park-chicago-engagement-photos-brittany-bekas-photography_0010

Brian adores Rita … especially because she is very caring and goofy.


Oooh, Roo .. you stole a little piece of my heart. Isn’t she just perfect?!?!

lincoln-park-chicago-engagement-photos-brittany-bekas-photography_0021 lincoln-park-chicago-engagement-photos-brittany-bekas-photography_0015

After a quick outfit change, we wandered throughout Lincoln Park to capture some more photos with the beautiful Chicago architecture.


Rita fell in love with Brian’s sense of humor and the fact that he’s just a good, “very normal”, midwestern dude.

lincoln-park-chicago-engagement-photos-brittany-bekas-photography_0019 lincoln-park-chicago-engagement-photos-brittany-bekas-photography_0017

I am beyond excited to document this love again in May!


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