He grew up on a farm surrounded by horses and tractors. She was raised in the Chicago suburbs minutes away from shopping centers and city life. They came from completely different worlds, however it was the city of Chicago and that brought Larisa and Jesse into the same orbit.

After messaging each other on the dating site and hundreds of texts later, the two finally met for their first date. They were two strangers, however that night forever changed the trajectory of their lives. Over time their pasts began to blend with their futures, and Jesse could do nothing but place a ring on Larisa’s finger. The two were engaged this past November, and they couldn’t wait to document their love in the city where it all began.

I met Larisa and Jess on a crisp December day. Snow flurries began to sprinkle from the sky as Larisa, Jess and their furbaby, Savannah, braved the cold for engagement photos.


Isn’t Savannah the cutest! She was the perfect puppy model.


Larisa and I went to high school together and spent our high school years working on the yearbook together. Larisa (and her b.f.f.) were the editors of the yearbook, and I was the yearbook photographer …. so I cannot express how special it was to document her engagement photos.

A favorite!!!

lincoln-park-engagement-session-chicago-engagement-photos_0012 lincoln-park-engagement-session-chicago-engagement-photos_0007

Chicago is the city that Jesse and Larisa love most especially because it is where their love story began.

lincoln-park-engagement-session-chicago-engagement-photos_0010 lincoln-park-engagement-session-chicago-engagement-photos_0013

I love it when my couples are super romantic …. but some of my favorite images always end up being ones with authentic laughter like this one.


Jesse is a laid-back, fun and thoughtful guy. From our first email exchange, I knew Larisa was marrying one amazing man.


As the two took in the Chicago skyline view they love so much, Jesse wrapped his arms around his finance …. and everything was perfect in that moment.


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