As the bonfire crackled throughout the July air, Cristin noticed him. It was their friend’s annual 4th of July party, and she was intrigued when she saw Kris. She sat down next to him, and soon after, the two were enjoying the fireworks together and sharing food off of each other’s plates.

Two months later, Cristin was rushing to catch her train in Chicago when she heard someone shouting her name. She was surprised to see Kris. He invited her to join him for a drink, however, afraid she would miss her train, she declined. Moments later, she realized she read the schedule wrong, and her train didn’t leave for another hour, but it was too late to take Kris up on that drink.

Cristin knew the train schedule mixup was fate intervening that evening to bring her and Kris back into each other’s orbit where they have remained ever since.

I met Cristin and Kris at the Naperville River Walk for their engagement session. Kris was extra prepared … bringing along hand warmers for him and Cristin …. for the moments when they weren’t cuddled up together.


We wandered around downtown Naperville and discovered this perfect alley.  We all thought it was somewhat ironic given their serendipitous love story.

naperville-riverwalk-engagement-photos-chicago-engagement_0025 naperville-riverwalk-engagement-photos-chicago-engagement_0024

Cristin and Kris stayed warm wrapped in a blanket they bought in Ireland during their trip to the Cliffs of Moher … which is where Kris proposed.


They share a love of traveling, the outdoors and camping. Together they radiate a happiness that is contagious.


A few of my favorites …. these two made my job easy!

naperville-riverwalk-engagement-photos-chicago-engagement_0026 naperville-riverwalk-engagement-photos-chicago-engagement_0027

Despite having snow on the ground, we soaked up the last bit of fall colors around the riverwalk. It was the best of both seasons.


The two will marry next August at Oak Hill in Galena. Many thanks to Becky for sending this amazing couple my way!

naperville-riverwalk-engagement-photos-chicago-engagement_0032 naperville-riverwalk-engagement-photos-chicago-engagement_0033

And until then …. I’ll end with a photo that is full of fun, joy and love because that is just a little of what these two exude.


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