How to choose a wedding photographer

When I got engaged, the number one question friends / family / strangers would ask me was, “who will be YOUR wedding photographer?”

I think they thought it would be impossible for me to let go and allow someone to run the show on our wedding day. (I am a little bit type A — so I totally get why everyone thought that.) :)

But guess what?

On our wedding day, I never thought like a photographer.

And the reason for that was because I hired someone I COMPLETELY trusted. I was able to be present for all the moments of my wedding day knowing that my photographer was capturing everything I would want to relive. It was freakin’ amazing!

If finding a wedding photographer is totally stressing you out, here are a few tips to help you find your perfect person.

DETERMINE YOUR STYLE : Is it important that your photographer capture photojournalistic moments? Do you like light and airy photos? Are you loving film photographers? Think about what you want your photos to look like, and then search out photographers with that exact style.

ASK TO SEE A FULL WEDDING GALLERY : It is SO important that you see at least one (but I would ask for 3) full wedding galleries so that you can see the complete day. It is easy to fall in love with a photographer’s work of 50 of their best photos (and their gorgeous, curated IG feed), but make sure that you like how they photograph the whole day and that they are documenting the things that are most important to you.

MEET WITH THEM : You are going to spend one of THE most important days with this person (when emotions are running high), so make sure that you like the person, feel comfortable with them and that you trust them. I love to chat with my clients at the studio or via Facetime / Google hangouts so that we can really connect to make sure we are both a good match for each other, and I think it is so important in making your decision.

LEARN HOW THEY APPROACH THE DAY : They might have beautiful photos but how do they create those photos you love so much. Do they expect you to know how to pose and be lovey dovey for their camera? Do they wait for moments to unfold or do they help create them? How do they capture all the family photos? Ask them how they work so you will know exactly what to expect for your wedding day.

UNDERSTAND WHAT IS INCLUDED + WHAT IS EXTRA : Every photography package is different, so it can often be tricky to compare them side by side. Make a list of what is most important to you and your families and what you need to have for your budget. I believe that it is better to spend your photo budget investing in a photographer whose work you LOVE vs picking a photographer you don’t like as much just so you can get something else like an album or prints. You can always order albums / prints / artwork post wedding with some of your gift money, but if you don’t like your photos … my guess is you won’t really be thrilled with that album that was included.

LOVE THEIR WORK AND MAKE SURE YOU FEEL SOMETHING IN THEIR PHOTOS : Confession, I cry at strangers’ wedding videos. I knew that if I was sitting there balling over someone’s day I didn’t know, I would LOVE what that videographer created for my day. So if you are touched by what you see in strangers’ photos, chances are you are going to LOVE what that person creates for you for your wedding day.

Your wedding photos are such an investment. While it can be tempting to select one photographer vs another based solely on price, it often leads to couples being disappointed. If you trust your intuition and go with the person that feels like the right fit for you along with the above tips, I have a feeling you are going to be SO happy you did.


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