Welcome, March! I am itching for spring flowers and warmer weather …. so melt away snow. I’m excited to kick off wedding season with the talented Jill Tiongco and be busy with a bunch of amazing lifestyle sessions this month. I have no big personal plans this month … just enjoying the last of the “off-season”. So with that said, let me recap my Feburary goals and share what I have the list for March.

:: Start shooting more horizontal shots! I kept my camera set up to shoot horiztonal shots a lot more this month … just check out Jessica + James’ Evanston engagement session. This is something I will be keeping in mind as I get into busy season though.

:: Get creative without using any photographs and/or my camera/iPhone :: During the off-season (aka now) my creative itch isn’t being filled as much, so I put my right-brain to work. I made a handful of adorable handmade cards, a super cute booze bouquet for Phil and a bleach dyed t-shirt. It was nice to use my creativity for something not photo related. 

:: Volunteer :: This is in the works. I reached out to two awesome organizations to start volunteering with. Their meetings are not until March, so while I didn’t technically volunteer, the process has begun.

:: Watch less TV Bravo :: I spent less time in front of the TV this month between cleaning, reading magazine and photography books, working out and being creative. I was thinking I had broken my Bravo addiction … until I got sucked into a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills marathon two weeks ago. It was cold and windy, and I just needed a little … and then I couldn’t stop. sigh.

:: Plan a stylized engagement/wedding photo shoot :: My best friend (forever!) is an amazing event and wedding planner at A Perfect Event, so we are in the process of concepting and putting together a stylized shoot … likely in March or April.

:: Surprise my past clients with a fun new product. Details to come soon! :: This month, I was so excited to send my clients this awesome new product I am now offering – a custom iPhone/Android gallery app with the best photos from their session. I got some great feedback on it, so I can’t wait for my 2013 clients to start getting these … they are so awesome!

Cozumel Mexico | Brittany Bekas Photography // Destination Photographer

As I enjoy the last few weeks of the “off-season” …. here is what I’ll be working on.

:: Practice shooting in sh*tty light.

:: Spend less time on social media.

:: Define my brand words and make sure photos/posts/marketing fits with them.

:: Eat more fruits and veggies. Adios carbs.

:: Spend one afternoon at the bookstore being inspired by books & magazines.

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