Ah, October. I can’t believe it is already October! I adore summer, but October has a special place in my heart. The beautiful fall leaves, boots, hot chocolate, my birthday and halloween! I totally failed at my September goals (see below), but I am getting back on track this month. I promise….

>> Shoot one roll of film: Sigh, I have the film in hand along with a working film camera, but I never made it out to actually shoot it. This is for sure moving to October.

>> Update my portfolio with all the gorgeous wedding, engagement and glamour sessions that I have been shooting: Something tells me this won’t be happening until the off-season.

>> Create one new blog series that teaches my readers something: This is in the works ….

>> Try a new chili recipe (anyone have any suggestions?!): I pulled out the crockpot yesterday, but it isn’t a new recipe.

>> Have coffee with one new contact/friend: Ekkk… does quality time with an old friend count?


Now for October ….

>> Decorate the apartment for Halloween/Fall including carving or decorating pumpkins

>> Use one weekday as a shoot for fun day … October is my favorite month to shoot

>> Start experimenting with my off-camera lighting gear that arrived yesterday! Yay.

>> Finally get my tattoo

>> Treat myself to something for my birthday (now… what will I pick?!)

>> Make my list of projects for the off-season

>> Enjoy some new ciders and seasonal beers
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