He grew up on a farm surrounded by horses and tractors. She was raised in the Chicago suburbs minutes away from shopping centers and city life. They came from completely different worlds, however it was the city of Chicago and that brought Larisa and Jesse into the same orbit.

After messaging each other on the dating site and hundreds of texts later, the two finally met for their first date. They were two strangers, however that night forever changed the trajectory of their lives. Over time their pasts began to blend with their futures, and Jesse could do nothing but place a ring on Larisa’s finger. The two were engaged this past November, and they couldn’t wait to document their love in the city where it all began.

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Heather was working for a local marketing firm when she was asked to research and collect college marketing materials at a local college fair. As she gathered different brochures with her co-worker, she spotted Dan. He was working the Chicago State University booth as a favor to a friend, and Heather decided she wanted to talk to him …. so she did.

After a brief professional conversation, Heather left her business card with Dan and was delighted to receive a call from him a few days after. They talked business which led to Heather’s company’s pitch : a signed baseball that read “ready for our pitch?”. Dan, who happened to be the assistant baseball coach unknown to Heather, was intrigued. They met at Starbucks to go over Heather’s pitch which turned into a successful business meeting and then a first date.

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As the bonfire crackled throughout the July air, Cristin noticed him. It was their friend’s annual 4th of July party, and she was intrigued when she saw Kris. She sat down next to him, and soon after, the two were enjoying the fireworks together and sharing food off of each other’s plates.

Two months later, Cristin was rushing to catch her train in Chicago when she heard someone shouting her name. She was surprised to see Kris. He invited her to join him for a drink, however, afraid she would miss her train, she declined. Moments later, she realized she read the schedule wrong, and her train didn’t leave for another hour, but it was too late to take Kris up on that drink.

Cristin knew the train schedule mixup was fate intervening that evening to bring her and Kris back into each other’s orbit where they have remained ever since.

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