:: I’ve never owned a coffee maker. In fact, I’ve only made coffee 2x in my whole life. I’m a tea/hot chocolate kindda girl.

:: I organize my closet & drawers by style and color. My wardrobe is organized like a department store …. all the vest together, all the tanks, all the blouses, etc … then organized from light to dark in color. I am a little OCD about it.

:: I don’t  can’t cook rice. Every time I attempt it, I burn the bottom so bad that I have to soak the pan for weeks. I’m sticking to the microwavable rice from now on….

:: I’ve never had a cavity. Knock on wood. ;)

:: I have trouble annunciating “ull”. So “pull” actually sounds like “pool”. “Bull” sounds like “bool”. I can’t help it.

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