A few days late on this post, but it’s better late than never. I’m sad that summer is more than half way over but excited for all the weddings and shoots this month. Here is a look back at my July goals and what is on my list for August.

>> Update Glamour portfolio to reflect current posing / shooting style // This is a project still in the works as I head into August, but I am so excited about the new work that I am producing, and I can’t wait to share it with everything soon!

>> Start waking up a little earlier (aka before 9 am) // :) You guys must thing I am such a bum, but I am not a morning person … I would rather work into the wee hours of the night. But I have been getting up earlier … not every day but I am making progress.

>> Take a few HD video clips during shoots or behind the scenes videos // This is like the one goal that keep making its way on my list … and I haven’t done. I am really, really going to set aside a day in August to teach myself HD video on my DSRL. Someone hold me to it.

>> Keep our apartment organized. Aka … no dumping bags/shoes/gear because we are running out the door // I was much better about trying to put things away in their “homes” as much as possible, but, hey, I’m not perfect.

>> Find the Stanley Cup and get my photo taken with it // Epic fail. Anyone know how I can make this happen?!

>> Have a film day and one day of shooting for FUN // I’m going to count my glamour portfolio update as a “fun” day … but that film day is going to be moved to August. I just need to order some batteries to get that camera working, and I am golden.

Chicago Skyline | Brittany Bekas Photography | Wedding + Destination

Here is what’s on the list for August….

>> Post photo shoot style tip of the week

>> Spend one day being a Chicago tourist

>> Develop example timelines for different types of wedding days

>> Enjoy ice cream at least once a week before fall happens

 >> Dedicate 30 minutes a day to read – blogs, books or magazines

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