Um…I love Valentine’s Day. And it is not necessarily for the reasons you might think like the chocolate (which I do love), the flowers and the romantic gestures that happen on the most love-filled day of the year. I love it for what is celebrates. LOVE.

For someone who, like, adores LOVE … there is no better holiday than a whole day dedicated to it.

Valentine's Day | Brittany Bekas Photography

Over the years together, Phil and I have shared many Valentine’s Days (8 to be exact but who is counting…not me). I have been surprised with gorgeous, red roses at my sorority house, and I have been taken to amazing, romantic dinners. While I loved everything about those V-days, my favorite Valentine’s Day to date was in college when Phil surprised me with a lobster dinner that he cooked himself and chocolate covered strawberries (my absolute favorite). Phil had heard me talking about how I loved lobster a few weeks before Valentine’s Day … so he went out and got some ‘tails and cooked it for the first time ever for me. How cute, right?! It couldn’t have been more special to me because he put so much love and thought into everything.

So today, as we celebrate our 9th Valentine’s Day …. the thing that is most important to me is that I am able to share the day with the man I love so much. But, babe, if you are reading this … don’t feel like you can’t grab some chocolate covered strawberries too. :)

Happy HEART Day, everyone. And to all my lucky ladies out there that get engaged tonight …. I want to hear all about it.

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