how i got here

I called crying. I was burnt…to a crisp. My job demands were pushing me to my max and all I wanted to do with throw in the towel and walk away from advertising (my full-time job last year). On the phone, my mom kept saying “remember, what you do now helps you for whatever is next.” Ya, sure, Mom, I thought. In the moment it was not comforting, but like every piece of advice your mom tells you growing up….I later realized she was right.

Now that I am running my own business a year later, I am so thankful for all that I learned during my journey to find my passion….you know that job that you love so much that it doesn’t feel like work? Well, I didn’t get here overnight.

As some of you know, I had plenty of jobs before I decided to start my own business (by plenty, I mean 5 different gigs..I tried them all until I realized my dream was in front of me), and I can admit that each one of them helped me build it.

  • I use my journalism degree when learning about my clients and their big day.
  • My writing skills are put to the test in my blog posts (I know the grammar is far from perfect and it is not AP style…but it from the heart which is why I always loved writing.)
  • I design my logo, packaging, website and blog (with the help of my HTML expert my brother, Peter) using my graphic design skills.
  • I am confident when pitching guest blog posts and sending my work to publications because of my experience in public relations.
  • I am obsessed with timelines, confirming details and working with other vendors because of my job in experimental marketing/event planning.
  • However, my years in the crazy, stress-driven adland helped me the most. I knew that my brand needed to be one voice, that my packaging had to reflect that voice, that I had to have a strategic social media plan and I needed an “ideal” target client. I have process documents, status documents, finance budgets, superior client service skills…and so much more….

You see, I could go on and on, about how my round about way into photography makes me the total package of a businesswoman. Years of communication experiences, marketing strategies, and client service demands set me up to develop my baby, Brittany Bekas Photography.

If it had been any other way….me creating this brand, this company years ago… I don’t think the success would taste as sweet. I now know my hard work on other clients’ brands, lead me to be crazy (bananas!) about my brand.

A special shout out to all of my amazing clients that trust me to make beautiful photos for them….. thank you! Without you, my dream would not be a reality, and right now I don’t want anything to change it.



  1. M. Quinn August 23, 2012

    You are an amazing woman to have figured it out at such an early age! I wish you all the best in following your dream….your successes are already mounting…but the best is yet to come!!! Your enthusiam and passion is contagious and makes me feel great about what I do….because I am one of the lucky ones too!!! (Working at what I love!) I admire your work ethic and your pictures are beautiful!!! Keep it up!!! Maureen

  2. donna bekas September 3, 2012

    I have been lucky enough to watch you follow that dream and make it come alive, you have a lot of family and friends supporting you all the way – so go all the way to the top. Britt you have everything needed to be a great success and have done an amazing job so far. The Advertising jobs only made you a better person :)


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