See you later, Chicago, h-ello paradise! I’m leaving behind the cold, Chicago weather for palm trees, sand and baleadas. Yes, I’m cruising through the Caribbean …. on a boat, baby.

Caribbean Beach | Brittany Bekas Photography


The only things on my to-do list …. not in order …

1. Drink one fruity cocktail out of a pineapple. Umbrella required.

2. Soak up the sun. And repeat.

3. Read A Devil in the White City and Gone Girl.

4. Indulge = Eat, Eat, Eat. This includes eating as many baleadas in Honduras as one can in 9 hours.

5. Enjoy quality time with my family :)

I’ll try to bring back some sun for you guys. Until then….
Brittany XO Signature 2

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